Watch: Christmas is Back! First Lady Melania Promotes Christmas at the White House

You look like an angel! Melania Trump unveils the first Trump Christmas White House – and gets the ultimate compliment from one of her young guests

  • The White House unveiled its Christmas decorations on Monday
  • This year’s theme is ‘Time-Honored Traditions’
  • Melania Trump invited youngsters to view the decorations and do crafts

First lady Melania Trump hosted children to the White House Monday as she walked through a fully-decorated executive mansion, unveiling her vision of a Trump Christmas – simple, yet elegant, with elements of Americana and nature.

‘She’s beautiful, like an angel!’ one young boy remarked, as the first lady – who’s cream-colored belted dress with bell sleeves could have been worn by a tree topper – walked into the East Room to help a group of kids make garland.

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The first lady entered the holiday festivities by taking the grand staircase, into the foyer, as three ballerinas danced to ‘The Nutcracker Suite.’

First lady Melania Trump was told by one of her young guests that she looked ‘like an angel’ as she invited youngsters to the White House Monday as part of the Christmas decorations reveal
Melania Trump began her tour of the White House Christmas decorations by walking down the Grand Staircase into the Grand Foyer where a trio of ballerinas was performing to the ‘Nutcracker Suite,’ which was the first White House Christmas theme
The decor in the White House Grand Foyer was simple and natural, with a forest of Christmas trees looking like they had just been covered by a winter snow
The kids in the East Room made garland while telling the first lady that she looked like ‘an angel’ and giving her a group hug
In the Red Room, decorated with sweets, Melania Trump helped a quartet of youngsters make gum drop trees, while warning them about all the sugar
Next to the Gold Star tree downstairs, Melania Trump asks several of her young visitors to read aloud the letters they wrote for the troops
Downstairs in the East Wing, Melania Trump gives a young boy a high five, as a group of kids make holiday cards. Surrounding them were examples of holiday cards sent out from past administrations

The dancers and the song were symbolic as ‘The Nutracker Suite’ was the first theme used for at a White House Christmas.

This year’s theme, ‘Time-Honored Traditions,’ piggybacked on that, which each room paying homage to a tradition, including a Gold Star tree, a way to respect fallen troops, and a gallery of silhouettes of past presidents in the Green Room, acknowledging an early craft.

As the first lady entered the various rooms, she made small talk with the young kids.

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‘What are your plans for Christmas?’ she asked. ‘Did you write your letter yet? Do you have any pets at home?’

Before the first lady arrived in the East Room, decorated with several large trees and the White House creche, the children’s chaperone told them to ‘act natural,’ as they grinned for the cameras.

When FLOTUS arrived they all went in for the group hug.

The Blue Room’s Christmas tree stands at 18 feet, 6 inches tall and was brought into the White House last week, via carriage, from growers based out of Endeavor, Wisconsin
A photographer kneels and grabs a shot of the Endeavor, Wisconsin-grown tree that was installed in the White House Blue Room
The Trumps chose to decorate the Blue Room tree with vintage bulbs from the 50 states and the territories, along with blue and golden bows
The White House’s China Room was set up for Christmas dinner, featuring a table purchased by President James Monroe and Ronald Reagan’s red and gold dishware
The White House’s State Dining Room featured the traditional gingerbread house. This year’s giant confection featured the same Melania Trump wreaths that are hanging outside the real White House
The traditional White House creche was once again displayed in the East Room, a gift to the executive mansion from Mrs. Charles W. Engelhard in 1967

‘So how is it going? This is so cool right?’ the first lady later asked when walking into the Red Room, which was decorated with gingerbreads and candies.

Singing a similar tune to her predecessor, Melania Trump warned, ‘A lot of sugar right?’ as she helped the group assemble gumdrop Christmas trees.

In the Green Room, a quartet of kids cut out their own silhouettes to go along with the presidential ones hanging on the nearby mantel, which was also decorated with a large ‘Merry Christmas’ banner.

In the Blue Room, the first lady didn’t host guests Monday, because the size of the Endeavor-Wisconsin based Christmas tree.

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The tree, which she and 11-year-old Barron greeted last week in front of the White House, is so large at 18 feet, 6 inches, it takes up nearly the whole room.

The Trumps decorated the tree with ornaments from all the states and territories, along with blue bulbs and large gold and blue bows.

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Next to the Gold Star tree downstairs, Melania Trump asked several of her young visitors to read aloud the letters they wrote for the troops.

Christmas is back at the White House!

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