Fiancée of cop, who was shot dead in the line-of-duty, poses in tragic solo wedding photos a year after his death – while suspected killer is FINALLY apprehended… but only after he went on to shoot two other cops

  • Last month, Nikki Salgot, 29, was scheduled to wed police officer Collin Rose
  • But Rose was tragically shot and killed while on duty in Detroit last November 
  • Instead of being overwhelmed by grief, Salgot chose to be defiant 
  • She asked a friend to help her pay tribute to Rose by photographing her while posing for pictures in a white wedding dress that she had already bought 
  • Raymond Durham, 60, was charged in Rose’s murder
  • Durham allegedly shot Rose in the head on November 22, 2016
  • Durham was arrested when he fired on two other cops in March, injuring them
  • At the time, police said that DNA evidence linked Durham to Rose’s murder
  • Defense lawyers says that Durham appears ‘to be somewhat delusional’ 


There has been a rash of anti-cop hatred over the past few years that has resulted in many police officers being murdered in the line of duty simply because they serve as law enforcement in their communities.

Sadly, many of these slain officers leave behind grieving widows — whether wives or fiancees — and families, whose loss is typically overlooked and ignored by the cop-haters.

But NBC’s Today recently shared the incredibly touching story of a Michigan woman named Nikki Salgot who was engaged to marry a Detroit-area police officer named Collin Rose. In November of 2016, Rose was murdered while on duty.

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After her fiance’s death, Salgot reached out to an old friend who happened to be a professional photographer with a special request. Even though the two hadn’t spoken in ten years, Rachel Heller was more than willing to fulfill her old friend’s wish of a unique photoshoot.

About a month prior to the planned nuptials of Salgot and Rose, the widowed fiancee met with Heller to take part in a special memorial photoshoot, which consisted of a lone Salgot in her beautiful wedding dress while carrying the folded flag, badge and officer’s cap of her murdered fiance.

All photos credited to Rachel Smaller Photography

“I remember being in tears on the way there, thinking, ‘How am I going to do this? How am I going to find a way to take photos that will do this justice, not just for her but for him?’” Heller recalled.

“When she got out of the car, it was clear as day. She was the picture of grief and resilience and strength and vulnerability and authenticity, all at once,” Heller said. “I thought, I have to take photographs that when people see them, they will feel how I felt when she got out of the car.”

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Heller noted that even as Salgot obviously still felt incredible grief at her loss, she was also quite capable of smiling and laughing as the two worked out a variety of different poses for the photoshoot.

Salgot declined to comment on the NBC story, but did post a message to her Facebook page which read: “(Heller) captured images that still vividly show the pain left behind; images that show I am still able to laugh, smile and be me; images that show this loss has not and will not destroy me; and my favorite, images that show I am still just as fierce as ever and refuse to let this define me.”

Salgot is seen with her fiancee in this undated picture before his tragic death nearly a year ago
Salgot is seen with her fiancee in this undated picture before his tragic death nearly a year ago

The photographer, Rachel Heller, hadn't spoken to Salgot in 10 years. But when she heard about what happened to Rose on the news, she decided she wanted to help

Heller agreed wholeheartedly, and stated, “This is a woman who is not broken. This did not break her. To me, she is an inspiration.”

As for the murderer of Rose, who was serving as a Wayne State University police officer at the time of his death, he was arrested and charged with the murder of the officer in August, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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That man, 60-year-old Raymond Durham, had been arrested and charged with attempted murder in March when he opened fire on two other Detroit police officers, who thankfully survived the attack. DNA evidence from that crime was used to link Durham to the murder of Rose.

Rose lost his life while on duty for the police force at Wayne State University in Detroit
Rose lost his life while on duty for the police force at Wayne State University in Detroit

Unfortunately, Durham has twice been declared incompetent to stand trial for the shootings of the Detroit officers, and has been ordered by a judge to undergo mental evaluation to make an ultimate determination on his competency to stand trial for Rose’s murder. He is due back in court in December.

As for Rose, the 5-year veteran and canine officer was posthumously awarded a citation for valor and promoted to sergeant.

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The photos of Nikki Salgot are a powerful reminder of those who are left grieving in the wake of an officer cut down in the line of duty, and hopefully will serve to perhaps soften the heart or change the mind of at least some cop-haters.


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