Nearly two decades since his own sex scandal, former President Bill Clinton refuses to speak about ongoing sexual harassment and assault allegations against lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Clinton smirked when asked to give his opinion on Sen. Al Franken’s sexual misconduct scandal.

NBC news correspondent Tammy Leitner was in Puerto Rico to cover Clinton’s visit to the country, who was there to survey the damage left by the recent hurricanes.

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When Leitner asked Clinton what he thought about Sen. Franken’s scandal, he paused, smirked at her, and went on with his day.

Leitner then went on national television to describe his reaction.

During a talkback with MSNBC host Kasie Hunt, Hunt asked Leitner if she had spoken with Clinton about the allegations.

“Tammy, I want to ask you one more thing quickly on a slightly different topic since had you a chance to talk to Bill Clinton,” Hunt said.

“He has been back in the news with the senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, suggesting he would have had to resign in the current climate and, of course, Democrats facing questions about Senator Al Franken’s conduct.”

“Any chance you talked to him about that?” Hunt asked.

Leitner paused, let out a nervous laugh and then responded.

“I did, Kasie. I asked him about the senator’s recent comments, and he looked at me, kind of half-smirked, and kept going,” Leitner said.

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“He wanted nothing to do with that, so he didn’t give us an answer,” she continued.

Hunt quickly responded: “Can’t imagine why.”

Watch the awkward interaction in the video below:

Is anyone really shocked by Clinton’s refusal to answer any questions about sexual misconduct allegations?

This is the same man who had relations with a White House intern when she was just 21-years-old. He thought it was fine then, and he probably still thinks he did nothing wrong.

He is the same then as he is now: creepy, corrupt, and simply put – slimy.

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