Louder with Crowder uploaded a new hilarious video in which Steven Crowder and Jared Monroe ask Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, various political and social justice type questions. The results are amusing, surprising, and disturbing.

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Here are a few of the questions and answers:

Q: Alexa, how many genders are there?

ALEXA: The two main categories of the gender spectrum, male and female, are called the gender binary, but there are many other categories that exist. Because gender identity is complex and personal, there is no definite way to say how many genders there are.

Q: Alexa, who is the prophet Muhammad?

ALEXA: The prophet Muhammad is [a] very wise prophet; he taught many people how to live. He had a wife called Aisha. He lived in Saudi Arabia. The message that he gave to the people is: “Pray to Allah; he is the only God,” and he gave the holy corn.

Q: Okay Alexa, who is the Lord Jesus Christ?

ALEXA: Jesus Christ is a fictional character.

Crowder and Monroe proceed to ask Alexa various questions about Black Lives Matter, Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Stalin, the Alt-Right, and more.

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You can watch the video below (WARNING: Some Strong Language):

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