School Board Chairman Tells Students Trump Is A ‘Bonafide Idiot’ And They Don’t Have To Stand For The Pledge Of Allegiance
School Board Chairman Tells Students Trump Is A ‘Bonafide Idiot’ And They Don’t Have To Stand For The Pledge Of Allegiance

Ryan Sawyers, who is the chairman of the Prince William County School Board in Virginia, has elected to instill his own brand of un-Americanism in his students, telling them they don’t have to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Oh, and one other thing he wanted to elucidate for them: Trump is a “bonafide idiot.”

Sawyers followed that tweet with another referencing a 2003 county regulation regarding the Pledge of Allegiance:

Sawyers was responding to Trump’s tweet attacking Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch for refusing to stand for the American national anthem last Sunday in Mexico City, but standing for the Mexican national anthem.

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Trump had tweeted:

Interviewed by WTTG-TV, Sawyers protested that he was unaware that his tweet would get so much attention, saying:

I didn’t put it out. I certainly may have raised an elevation with my tweet, which I certainly didn’t think it was going to get the attention it did. I find no shame in making sure students and families know what their rights are in the school system. … This is established by not too hyperbolic here, but this is established by the constitution and the supreme court ruling. This isn’t Ryan Sawyers’ opinion on government. This is something that is established in the First Amendment to the Constitution — something that I take a lot of pride in.

He added, “Students, football players, everyone has a right to certainly a peaceful demonstration of their First Amendment rights, and I think it is important that our employees and students know that.”

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Sawyers is running for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District; the primary election is June 12. Speaking of “bonafide,” he’s a bona fide leftist; he seems to have a problem with the Virginia law requiring women getting an abortion to get an ultrasound first, a procedure that has enlightened many women to what they are actually doing.

He is also a gun control advocate:

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