Marines under investigation for shouting racial slurs in drunk videos
Marines under investigation for shouting racial slurs in drunk videos

The United States Marine Corps has opened an investigation into a bunch of boozed-up leathernecks caught on video yelling racial slurs.

Snapchat footage of the offensive service members spread after being posted to Twitter by a teacher and activist from New Jersey Saturday.

Warning: Graphic language

“Marines drinking and randomly yelling “f— n—“ on snapchat. Is this commonplace @USMC?” Zellie Imani tweeted.

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In one video, a man in a pink shirt can be seen drinking from a funnel and yelling the slur into the camera. In another video, a group of men and one woman are filmed drinking, and one says “f— n—,” into the camera before sticking out his tongue.

The U.S. Marines said they would probe the matter.

“The actions depicted in the videos are not in keeping with the high standard of conduct to which we hold all our Marines. We will thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate action based on the results of the investigation,” they tweeted.

III Marine Expeditionary Force, in Okinawa, Japan, confirmed some of the individuals in the footage were U.S. Marines, but didn’t say how many, Marine Corps. Times reported.

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The incident comes just months after U.S. Marines used Snapchat and other social media platforms to collect and share thousands of images of naked, sometimes unconscious, women.

Marines being Marines? Or something else?

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