College Calls the Cops on Radio Show Hosts For 'Hate Speech' (Video)
College Calls the Cops on Radio Show Hosts For 'Hate Speech' (Video)

Federal Communications Commission regulations are fairly easy to follow. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t within earshot of your grandpa. Stick to his blunt vocab. When speaking of people with same-genital attraction, use words like”queers, trannies, and homosexuals.” All FCC compliant.

But one college radio show was canceled after a host used the word “tranny.” Because hate speech.

“Deplorable Radio” is a weekly show on KUMM hosted by students Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann. Albrecht told The College Fix in an email that the programming is “a mix of politics, music, and some random musings about current events locally and around the world.”

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“Did you really have to call the police?” the students ask.

“Yes,” she responds.

“It’s a violation, you are breaking the law.”

“That is a specific hate speech word never allowed on radio,” she tells the students as they pack up, “in the same way that you can never say ‘cocksucker’ on radio.”

Um, except she’s wrong. And gross. The station’s board later admitted the word “tranny” is not against FCC regulations. Their official reason for the show’s cancellation was a complaint that the boys sounded “intoxicated” a few weeks earlier. Instead of standing for the rights of their students, the spineless pansies would rather flap flamboyantly in the wind like loose-wristed homosexuals.

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According to First Amendment and media lawyer Bob Corn-Revere, the board’s assertions regarding federal communication laws are false. “The officials are wrong,” Corn-Revere told The Fix via email. “Neither [saying the word ‘tranny’ nor broadcasting while under the influence] is a violation of FCC rules.”

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Oops, they were wrong. What this tells us? The school cares not about FCC rules. They’re simply using it as a means to justify censorship of content they don’t like. Content which doesn’t fit the politically correct agenda. Hence we’ve yet to see any official apology or crap being given on behalf of the school officials. Imagine my shock. It’s almost as fake as Caitlyn Jenner’s bewbs.

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