Restaurant Named 'Misohawni' Under Fire for 'Racism' by Salty SJWs ...
Restaurant Named 'Misohawni' Under Fire for 'Racism' by Salty SJWs ...

A South African ramen restaurant is getting some unsolicited feedback on social media for naming its eatery after a memorable line in Full Metal Jacket, in which a Vietnamese prostitute propositions two American G.I.s to have sex with her.

“Me so horny. Me love you long time,” she says, right before they get screwed over. The scene served to depict urban life in South Vietnam.

According to Distractify, the restaurant serves all manner of Korean cuisine including ramen, hot pot, Korean BBQ, poke, and so forth. An obvious play on the famous line in Full Metal Jacketand miso soup, the business named “Misohawny” is being criticized for racism and insensitivity towards Asians.

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People complaining about the name were particularly drawn to the fact that the two owners are white men.

Mashable’s Yvette Tan called the name “full on offensive, especially in light of what’s happening in Hollywood right now,” as if a humorous reference to a popular film somehow makes light of rape. In the Full Metal Jacket scene, the prostitute engaged the two soldiers into having consensual sex (for money) with her.

“It’s 2017, but 2 white guys are opening a ramen restaurant called ‘Misohawni,’” reads the headline.

According to South African food magazine EatOut, the Melville-based restaurant opened on November 12 and had its name inspired by similar restaurants its owners visited in Berlin.

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Current estimates have Asians representing over 60 percent of the global population, making them the ethnic majority, even as compared to all other ethnicities combined. By any standards, these men are a marginalized minority.

Sources: Distractify

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