Hillary Clinton Had to Be Helped Out of Car for Book Signing – But She’s in Perfect Health (VIDEO)
Hillary Clinton Had to Be Helped Out of Car for Book Signing – But She’s in Perfect Health (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton had a book signing in Austin, Texas on Friday. Clinton proved once again that her health is questionable.

Footage shot by Infowars reporters Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince reveals that Clinton, 70, is just as meek and frail as she was during the 2016 presidential election season, and Clinton being propped up by security brings to mind her famous collapse in 2016 in which Secret Service agents threw her limp body into a waiting van with medical equipment.

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Clinton was far more sick during the campaign than the mainstream media admitted, former DNC chair Donna Brazile revealed, adding that Clinton’s health issues lead to her lapses in judgment during the last months of the race which ultimately cost Clinton the campaign.

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Before one speech, Brazile “noticed her face was puffy,” “her skin looked pale and papery,” and “that her eyes were glazed.”

“A short time later, I was seated in the audience at the Cipriani when [Clinton] strode up to the stage with her usual strong steps,” Brazile wrote in her new book Hacks. “Then she said something that, had she been in better health, I don’t think she would have said.

“When she said ‘basket of deplorables’ I knew that no matter what she said in the rest of her remarks, this would be the comment that made it on to the evening news.”

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That comment galvanized on-the-fence voters, who were already beginning to question Clinton’s health, into supporting Trump, who took the White House along with electoral votes from states that hadn’t voted Republican in decades.

And that was likely Clinton’s last chance.  The latest Infowars video showing her still-ongoing health issues, combined with Democrats wanting fresh blood to represent their party, signals the end of the Clinton era.

The former Democratic candidate for president had to be helped out of her car by handlers.

Via Infowars:

But at least she didn’t have to be chucked in a van like a side of beef.

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