In Operation Inherent Resolve, the United States military has been working to stabilize the Middle East by collaborating with regional partners to defeat the Islamic State group.

To get an idea of what that means on the ground, check out this drone footage of U.S. Marines conducting artillery strikes against the terrorist organization in Syria that was released by the Department of Defense in June. It’s nothing short of awesome.

Marine Sgt. Matthew Callahan captured footage of his troops firing M777-A2 Howitzers from various locations throughout the country in May and June to support the coalition’s local partners — the Syrian Democratic Forces.

United States Navy: Yes, That is a penis in the sky. OUR BAD!

Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve was formally established by the Department of Defense in October 2014, according to the operation’s website.

More than three years later, the global coalition has taken great strides to combat the Islamic State group’s influence in the region.

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