When the Ohio Supreme Court Justice hit us with the most hypocritical and lamest excuse for Al Franken yesterday, I thought it had to have been the worst excuse made for Al Franken yet (see Shock! Hollywood Celebs Call On Al Franken to Resign Over Groping Allegations and Journalist Leann Tweeden Accuses Al Franken of Fondling, Kissing Her Without Consent). I should have assumed that Chris Matthews and MSNBC would have said “hold my beer” with this one.

The set up was about Trump’s tweet on “Al Frankenstein,” because really, that’s what’s important here.

“I don’t know where to start here. Shannon, this is — you know, the way the president played this was so gross. It wasn’t like he said there’s the guy caught in a terribly embarrassing and off manner satirizing, he’s touching this woman while he’s sleep. Then he suggested this Bill Cosby allegation that he’s groping her. He outgrosses Al Franken by a mile in his own imagination. What do you think?”

What do I think? I’m not defending the President’s Twitter use, that is a post for another time. Plus, it’s too early for me to start drinking. But what Trump said about Al Franken is exactly what CHRIS MATTHEWS HIMSELF would have said about any Republican had they been in the picture. Except had it been a Republican, we would’ve had 24/7 coverage of what a butt wipe the Republican is and how he should resign. After being flogged in the public square.

Plus, it’s not like there is going to be a wave of Democrats supporting Democrats who were accused of sexual harassment just because they agree with their ‘politics’. Right? Wrong. See: Lena Dunham defends ‘Girls’ colleague accused of raping underage actress — ‘wrong targets’

Remember, this is the same guy who got a tingle down his legs over the pleat crease in Obama’s pantaloons. Chris Matthews. Champion of women being groped in photos.

It’s funny how even though we expect leftist media outlets like MSNBC to be dishonest, they still manage to surprise us.

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