John Travolta Accused of ‘Sexual Battery’ by Male Masseur
John Travolta Accused of ‘Sexual Battery’ by Male Masseur

I am going to call it right now, John Travolta will be saying he’s going to live his life as a gay man by no later then 4:00 EST. The rumors have always been there, unlike the dark coif. Which resembles rotting roadkill.

Is that a toupee or did you hit the neighbor’s dog? Driving while intoxicated with a guy’s hand on your wiener, John?

This is crazy! The amount of Hollywood types accused is growing by the day. Next you’ll hear the Reverend Jesse Jackson assaulted someone! He did!

Now the male masseuse is accusing him of sexual battery, the Grease star is going to try and pull a Spacey — watch.

I know, that’s like so weird right? (He says in the worst Travolta impersonation you’ve ever heard).

John Travolta has been named in a criminal complaint by a 21-year-old masseur who accused the Pulp Fiction star of sexual battery.

According to the police report, the John Doe masseur accused Travolta of “sexual battery,” however the police officer who investigated the alleged incident says in his report that “the details do not meet the elements of battery… or ‘sexual battery.’” Travolta has denied similar claims in the past.

The officer noted in his report that the unidentified masseur “was not restrained unlawfully” and “consented to the touching after Travolta told him he was attractive, after Travolta said he had been excited, after Travolta removed his towel, and while Travolta was naked along with (redacted) in the steam room.”

The Saturday Night Fever actor groped the man’s bare butt, indecently exposed himself and made lewd remarks about gay fantasies. Shock!

The alleged victim’s shocking description of the incident threatens to blow the lid off Travolta’s long-rumored double life as a happily married family man. He gay!

It took place at the La Quinta Hotel in Palm Springs, California, when John Travolta demanded a ‘deep’ body massage at the hotel’s spa, which had been opened after midnight for the actor’s private use on Feb. 15, 2000.

We made out, under the docks…

He reached out, grabbing my c*ck…

I feel a little bad. Not for the “Summer Lovin’” reference, but because I don’t want us joking, making light of the crimes committed. I’m assuming the victim has a strong support base of friends and family. Probably a lawyer or five.

Also, who else remembers stuff about Travolta coming out years ago, but being quickly silenced? Me too. It’s almost like right now the Hollywood perverts, who’ve always been able to escape before, no longer can. The chickens are coming home to roost. They’re feasting on roaming peckers.

How can you not laugh at Hollywood? It’s a bastion of moral relativists who lecture us on morality, but they’re all raping each other. Who’s left to be accused (see George Takei Denies Sexual Assault Claims — Admitted TRUTH on Howard Stern Show and Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment and Racially Charged ‘Humiliation’)? Maybe we should compile a list of actors who haven’t harassed others? It would be rather a short one. Probably like Travolta’s dingle dangle.

Hollywood’s Accused Sexual Harassers, Molesters, Rapists – The List, So Far

The police officer said the claims didn’t “meet the elements of battery… or ‘sexual battery,'” and Travolta was not charged. The 63-year-old actor has denied similar claims in the past.

Second look at “rape culture?”

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