WaPo Smears Matt Drudge As ‘Russian Operative’ -- Drudge Gets Last Laugh

Matt Drudge went for the jugular with the Washington Post Monday morning for its ridiculous article suggesting he’s a Russian operative for linking to RT, Sputnik, and InfoWars. 

I think the Washington Post may not have realized what they just did, because guess what? Drudge sends WaPo a staggering amount of traffic.

And Drudge made sure to remind WaPo of that fact this morning:


Matt Drudge took to Twitter and reminded his over 500k followers that Drudge Report gives Washington Post a GIANT 37% of its referral traffic.

Despite acknowledging the media business can be “brutal,” the Washington Post has yet to thank Drudge for the mass amount of traffic he sends them.

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“I’ve linked to @washingtonpost over 10,000X in 25 years of doing DRUDGEREPORT. I currently give them 37% of their referral traffic, according to http://similarweb.com . It’s a brutal business. Not even a thank you. Instead: YOU’RE A RUSSIAN OPERATIVE!,” tweeted Drudge.

Washington Post’s Philip Bump writes:

DrudgeReportArchives captures an image of the Drudge Report every two minutes, as it has for 16 years. We ran a script that checked the first update to Drudge Report after 9 a.m. on every day of the past decade, counting the number of times Drudge linked to Infowars, RT or Sputnik. Over that period, excluding the two standing links to Infowars, we tallied more than 1,000 links to those sites. Drudge started linking to Infowars in 2010. His first link to RT was that same year. Sputnik News wasn’t created until November 2014; Drudge’s first link to that site came later that month.

[…] On two days, we found four links to the three sites on the Drudge homepage. One was on March 3, 2015, when Drudge linked to articles about how supporters of Barack Obama endorsed Karl Marx for president (Infowars), emails sent from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton (RT), about crime in Texas (Sputnik) and how the United States was sending the National Guard to Ukraine (Sputnik). The other day was Oct. 6, 2015. The four articles that day: Activists using drones to spy on an NSA facility (Sputnik), how the Islamic State might be sneaking across the Mexico border (Infowars), support for a “white privilege” tax by Clinton supporters (Infowars) and a rumor that a mass shooter in Oregon was taking psychoactive drugs (Infowars).

WaPo’s Philip Bump’s hit piece on Drudge is a watered down version of Media Matters hit piece claiming Drudge Report was a pipeline for Kremlin propaganda. Left-wing hit machine Media Matters published perhaps one of its most erroneous “reports” yet — “How Matt Drudge became the pipeline for Russian propaganda

How straight up predictable of a Soros-Backed group.

Matt Gertz, a Senior Fellow at Media Matters, purports Conservative media titan Matt Drudge is a puppet for Vladimir Putin because the Drudge Report has linked to Kremlin-linked news publications 400 times since 2012. Now, 400 links may appear like a large number, yet a simple analysis reveals it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the massive volume of links published in the past four years. One doesn’t have to read the Drudge Report avidly to know the website publishes anywhere between 70-100 links daily. Such is a conservative estimate.

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Conservatively speaking, let’s assume the Drudge Report has published 60 links daily for the past four years.

The Drudge Report publishes 21900 links annually. Multiplying 21900 by four equals 87,600 links since 2012. Now we’ll add the 261 days that have past in 2017, bringing our total link average from 2012 to the present day to 101,460 all based on that math.

Media Matters shamelessly published a graphic detailing the volume of Kremlin-connected news outlets linked on the Drudge Report.


Keep in mind that Drudge may link on average of 20,000 stories per year and yet, Gertz is sounding the alarm on the number of “Russian propaganda websites,” which barely received 50 links in some years. If the premise of Gertz’s report is correct, the Drudge Report is far from being the pipeline for the Kremlin.

One beaming item the Media Matters report fails to include is an analysis of Russian propaganda sites linked as the main headline story.

There is a strong correlation between link placement and traffic. Stories placed closer to the top of the Drudge Report usually receive more traffic than those linked at the bottom. Just as with Google. Searches closer to the top get the traffic. That is just how it is.

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The George Soros backed-report is yet another seemingly desperate attempt to rehash a narrative that the political class and elite mainstream media use to nullify the 2016 presidential election and distract from the DNC’s lacking policy agenda.

Don’t fall for it.

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