Does anyone remember Darnel McClanahan?  He was signed to the Dallas Cowboys in 1993 but released before the season began in 1994.  The sum total of his prospective career in the NFL.

He was spotted by the police in Park City, Utah crowing along the ground as to avoid being seen or suppressed by gunfire. When officers approached he began to make snow angles as officers described in court papers filed today. “McClanahan laid on his stomach again and began convulsing, as he made snow angel motions ”

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Anthony McClanahan claimed that his family had been attacked, yet he did not give the sergeant his wife’s name or location, “even when asked multiple times,” the document indicates.

He continued to tell police on the scene that his wife and child were attacked by a number of individuals. Soon his wife’s body was found lifeless covered in blood.

Anthony Darnel McClanahan, now 46, is believed to have stabbed 28-year-old Keri ‘KC’ McClanahan repeatedly in the throat in the Park Regency Resort condominiums on Thursday.

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Just last Friday McClanahan had charges filed against him for kidnapping his son from school last month. What was his reasoning? He cited his behavior was a direct result of his injuries from his NFL days. A career that never took off the ground.

Police said that they were called to the Park Regency at around 1:30 am on Thursday after another guest filed a complaint about hearing a ‘ruckus’ inside the building. At roughly the same time, McClanahan himself flagged down a police car, Fox 13 Salt Lake City reported. When police entered the condo they found Keri’s body lying in her bed, with visible knife wounds on her throat.

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Keri ‘KC’ McClanahan was the mother of a nine-year-old girl as well as a seven-year-old boy with another man, was a ‘beautiful spirit’ who was ‘instantly loved’ by people, according to her sister, Heather Gauf. “She was such an amazing mother and such a beautiful humanitarian,” she said. Heather is now concerned for the safety and future of Keri’s kids and stated this would ‘deeply affect my little niece and nephew, to know that their mother was murdered.’

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