Video: SNL HILARIOUSLY Mocks the Democratic Party’s ‘Comeback’
Video: SNL HILARIOUSLY Mocks the Democratic Party’s ‘Comeback’

This parody of the Democratic National Committee’s “victory lap” is why we’re never too hard on SNL. While some of their sketches are more mean-spirited attacks than satire (see Katie Rich, SNL writer, smears Barron Trump as ‘country’s first homeschool shooter’ on Twitter and Hey, ‘SNL’: Rosie O’Donnell Poses as Steve Bannon in Bid for New Gig), they generally are equal opportunity criticizers for the most part. And I strongly believe that Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Hillary Clinton did more damage to Hill-dog than Wikileaks, misogyny, or “the Russians.”

Coming fresh off the heels of an Election Day that showed Democrats making a comeback in places they were already expected to do well in the first place? THEY. ARE. BACK. BAYBAY!

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My favorite line?

We can learn from their mistakes, and focus on the important things, like converting Confederate monuments into statues of prominent lesbian poets.

However, the best piece was at the end, and it is who the “message” was paid for by. I won’t spoil that for you here though! Watch the video.

Old. Out of touch with everyday hardworking Americans. Up to their usual tricks. Yep, sounds like the Democratic Party to me. They won two states that went blue for Clinton just a year ago. Yet, they’re calling it a “Democrat wave” and a “referendum on Trump.” Meesa thinks some of these ancient Democratic coffin-dodgers are showing signs of dementia.

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The Democratic Party’s blatant ignorance and newfound confidence are things worth mocking. This is a party that prides itself on being at the forefront of new ideas and “progress.” Yet, all we’re getting are the same failed 20th-century policies and the same pruney faces pushing them.

Just like this particular sketch shows, making fun of the left is actually easy, I mean they practically do it too themselves. It’s also not hard to make fun of conservatives. Let’s call a duck a duck, both sides are pretty easy to roast. Both sides are easy because both sides are so predictable (And I’m a Conservative!). The rub is most “comedians” who do so are bitter, angry, and giant buttheads about it. But, when you leave out the bias and vitriol, and stick to the jokes? You get good, quality comedy.

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Nice job, Saturday Night Live.

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