WATCH: Seth Meyers and Hillary Clinton's Cringe-Inducing 'Comedy' Sketch...
WATCH: Seth Meyers and Hillary Clinton's Cringe-Inducing 'Comedy' Sketch...

Seth Meyers doesn’t seem as intent on getting ratings as much as he is on winning the award for ‘wokest’ douchelord in late night (see Watch: Late-Night Host Seth Meyers Flips Off Trump Supporters — Burns ANY Bridge There…and Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Threatens Violence Against Fox News Host: ‘I’ll Pound You When I…).

Seth’s latest segment? A recurring bit about the jokes he can’t tell because he is “white,” “straight,” and “male.” But, what made this clip awful special was Seth’s guest: Hillary Clinton.

According to a recent article, chardonnay is making a comeback…
HILLARY: And they said I wouldn’t be able to create jobs.


The retractable roof on Atlanta’s NFL stadium is not working properly….
HILLARY: Well, at least that ceiling’s broken.


According to a recent report, koalas may be extinct by 2040…
HILLARY: And according to Fox News,” Clinton deadpanned, “that’s my fault.”

I guess this is what passes for “comedy” in leftist circles these days.


To Meyers’ credit, the sketch was actually pretty funny. Up until the pant-suited she-beast ascended from Hell to curse us with her withered visage. Then, it devolved into Showtime at the Democratic National Convention. You were so close to producing quality comedy, Seth. Then, you had to throw in a double-shot of bitter leftism.

Apparently he saw this terrible Jimmy Fallon sketch with Hillary and considered it a challenge. I guess all the late night hosts are trying one-up each other by pushing farther left. Goodbye “top tens,” hello communist candy bars.

Comedy in 2017. It’s no longer about entertaining people. Now, it’s about leftists grandstanding while hiding behind rim-shots and laugh tracks. It’s about trading punchlines for talking points. God help anyone who dares stick to the old formula.

Where have you gone, Johnny Carson? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

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