Video: Thugs Hold Up Convenience Store. Get BLASTED by Gun-Toting Owner
Video: Thugs Hold Up Convenience Store. Get BLASTED by Gun-Toting Owner

It’s a tale as old as time at this point. We hear stories like this almost weekly. Man tries to hold up a convenience store. Man finds out the hard way that he isn’t the only one packing (see Hero Dad Uses Gun To Stop Multiple Armed Invaders From Kidnapping Daughter, Robbing Home and Iraq Veteran stuffs would be robber’s own gun in mouth in botched store heist…).

Lucky for us, it’s a tale we never get tired of telling. So let’s pay a visit to Louisiana.

The video shows not one, but three men entering Lee Rays in wearing hoods and masks over their faces, one of them was carrying a gun.

Issa said they demanded money. And one pushed two customers out of his way and jumped on the counter. He continued to point his gun at Issa.

That’s when Issa’s brother distracted the attempted robbers, allowing Issa to grab his own gun. Issa began shooting at the three men, he said he hit one in the stomach and one in the arm.

PRO TIP: To avoid sucking chest wounds, before robbing a convenience store, check to make sure the owner isn’t armed and a damn good shot. Or, better yet, retire from robbery and get a real job.

the more you know

For some, with the rash of mass shootings in recent times, gun control is back on the table. The rest of us? We’d rather keep a .357 on the table, should the unfortunate circumstance of an armed intruder arise.

Just like Stephen Willeford in Texas and the store owner in this footage show, a good guy with a gun gets things done. When the doody hits the fan, you could choose to be armed with hope and crossed fingers. But, your odds would be much better with a Smith & Wesson. (See: Watch: Liberal Journalist Tries To Show Ease Of Gun Purchasing, Embarrasses Herself Badly)

These are the kind of videos leftists would rather you not see. Decent law-abiding people using the Second Amendment for its intended purpose. It’s a beautiful thing.

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