TV Networks Will Double their Gay Characters in Upcoming Season
TV Networks Will Double their Gay Characters in Upcoming Season

Agenda driven network writers have some lovely liberal propaganda planned for your Television set this viewing season. Be sure to tune into one of the many shows featuring new LGBTQAAIP (silent F) characters. Because what the world needs now is love, sweet gay love (see LGBT Advocates Fawn Over Disney’s Doc McStufins Cartoon for Featuring Lesbian Moms and TV’s First Transgender Full-Frontal Nude Scene Coming To Screens Near You).

A new study shows the number of gay characters hitting cable, network, and prime time is increasing dramatically. Though not as dramatically as a drag queen tranny who found his/her life partner texting a non-binary yoga instructor.

I miss “Matlock.”

Of the 901 characters set to appear regularly on prime-time network series in the 2017-18 season, 6.4 percent are identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender or queer.

That’s the biggest percentage on network shows found in the study’s 22 years, topping last year’s record-high of 4.8 percent. The numbers also are up on cable and streaming platform series, although the study found fewer depictions of LGBTQ characters of color on streaming as well as broadcast.

Reminder, the actual LGBTQAAIP (silent F) community makes up about 3% (or less, if people are being honest and not trendy) of the population. So Hollywood is over-representing the demographic here. Why have just one lesbian when you can have six?

No, we’re not outraged. Hollywood can do what it wants with its storylines or gayness. Okay? Okay. But let’s compare the gay population numbers vs. other demographics repped on the small screen:

While women make up an estimated 51 percent of the U.S. population, they’re 43 percent of the regularly appearing characters on broadcast TV – a 1 percent drop from last season, GLAAD said.

So the LGBTQ community in television is twice what it is in reality. While women are woefully underrepresented by 8%. Is this the new war on women?

Among regular and recurring LGBTQ characters on broadcast networks, lesbian representation rose to 24 percent on broadcast and 21 percent on cable, both representing a 7 percent increase after the 2016-17 season in which a number of lesbian or bisexual female characters were killed.

Lemme get this straight (pun!), women are under-represented. And gay women characters get killed off? Where are the pussy-hat marches? These seems like a patriarchal conspiracy. (See: FURIOUS parents confront school district after ‘transgender reveal’ leaves students confused about who they…)

Again, I’m not outraged. If there’s one thing that grates my nerves, it’s conservatives getting their panties in a twist over fictional things. If you don’t like what a show depicts, or how the show is depicting it, turn it off. (See: Playboy Playmate of November is first ever transgender — Ines Rau bares breasts and…)

But Hollywood also understands the sway it has over shaping public opinion. It’s one thing to write a show about a serial killer who lives by a moral code, or a family man who becomes a drug kingpin. Hollywood doesn’t push agendas overtly, they do it more discreetly. In this case, over-representing a tiny segment of the population to make it seem larger than it is. In hopes to normalize it. (See: Could We Stop Normalizing Pedophilia? America is on a path to do so)

One can argue they’ve achieved that goal, eh?

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