HAIRLESS KATHY GRIFFIN Says She Didn’t Know About Islamic Beheadings Until Rosie Told Her (VIDEO)
HAIRLESS KATHY GRIFFIN Says She Didn’t Know About Islamic Beheadings Until Rosie Told Her (VIDEO)

Too stupid and whiny. Far leftist “comedienne” is still crying about her beheading joke that backfired and got her canned.

Hairless Kathy Griffin told HardTalk she had not heard about Islamic beheadings until sage comedienne Rosie O’Donnell told her.

Kathy Griffin: So, yes I knew what I was doing and the reason I apologized is my good friend Rosie O’Donnell, the preeminent expert, by the way, of being trolled by this fool, the accidental president as I call it, um you know he’s been trolling her for 10 years. And so she said the words, “What if Daniel Pearl’s mother saw this?”… And when she said this I said, oh my gosh, and I’ve never apologized for a joke but I get it.

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Poor thing lost all her hair!

Kathy Griffin might need to take it easy for a little while.

The stand-up comedian fainted during her show in Dublin on Wednesday, but by all accounts appears to be doing well after the incident.

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Griffin, 57, passed out after more than two hours onstage, shortly before the show was scheduled to end, according to the New York Times. Griffin was reportedly starting to tell a story about Mariah Carey when she froze, slumped and said, “I’m going down.”

According to the report, Griffin’s boyfriend then hurried onstage and grabbed her. Griffin later posted a video on Twitter explaining her health scare.

“I’m embarrassed more than anything. This one’s for you, Wendy Williams. Girl down. I had a girl-down moment,” she quipped, referring to Williams’ on-air fainting spell on Halloween. “Anyway the audience was fantastic, and thank you for being forgiving and understanding.”

“I promise to be upright the entire show next time,” she joked.

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Griffin’s spell comes after she was in the news for publicly slamming attorney Lisa Bloom and former friend Anderson Cooper following the fall-out from her controversial photo with what looked like Donald Trump’s severed head. She also publicly condemned TMZ’s Harvey Levin and Bravolebrity Andy Cohen in a lengthy video.

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