WH Correspondent April Ryan: Trump appeals to the ‘white male’ who’s ‘uneducated’ and ‘on the fringe’
WH Correspondent April Ryan: Trump appeals to the ‘white male’ who’s ‘uneducated’ and ‘on the fringe’

President Trump is appealing to the “white male” who’s “uneducated,” didn’t go to college and feels “on the fringe,” White House correspondent April Ryan said on CNN Monday.

Host Don Lemon got the American Urban Radio Networks reporter going with the following: “April, let’s talk about the president’s approval rating. It stands at the lowest point overall — just 36 percent say that they approve the way Trump is handling his job as president. How does the White House explain those low poll numbers which have been consistent throughout his presidency?”

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After calling the White House “very reactionary and deflective” over poll numbers, Ryan explained how Trump has been “trying to find his way out.”

“He’s doubling down with his base,” she continued. “And when it comes time to talk to his base, to galvanize them, he hits with topics that really resonate with them: the Confederacy, issues of race … the NFL with taking a knee … [the] Charlottesville [rioting].”

Then Ryan described what she saw as Trump’s “forgotten man” base, describing its members as “the uneducated or those who have not attended college” as well as the “white male who feels … on the fringe and not touched by any form of government. And this president has reached out to them.”

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She concluded by saying that despite Trump’s low poll numbers, “we’ve not seen Kryptonite yet for this president to make him go out for the count. He continues to rebound [in] some kind of way.”

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What insulting nonsense, particularly from a woman so inarticulate (watch the whole video clip to hear her grammatically mangle sentence after sentence) that she has no right to be calling anyone uneducated. This is just typical of the Left’s elitist, open contempt for more than half the country. It’s the very reason Trump is in the White House, and yet, to paraphrase April Ryan, they just keep doubling down.

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