WOW! Hillary is now RADICALLY SUCKING UP to Trump and Supporters Cause She Knows It's OVER! (Video) 2
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It was one year ago today that we, The Deplorables, came out in droves to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is like a stubborn hemorrhoid that refuses to begone. Despite being soundly defeated by the Donald last November, she still refuses to call it a day and go away. Yep, Chillary is still making public appearances and firing her blame gun in every direction, except toward herself. Now, even her fellow Democrats wish she would descend back into the fiery pit whence she came

And who could forget this:

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Who could forget this?

Hillary got shellacked after Trump took home over 300 electoral votes in a landslide.

Hillary and her sycophants love to brag about Clinton ‘winning the popular vote’ (which means absolutely nothing according to the Constitution).

Hillary tweeted, “Love this. What a great way to spend November 8th—or any day, for that matter!” in response to ‘Nasty Women Serve’.

Hillary Clinton Finally Speaks on Trump Dossier — Pretty Much Went How You’d Expect

“Nasty Women Serve wants to celebrate Hillary winning the popular vote with Hillary’s support. One year ago,  became the first woman ever to win the popular vote. Today, in honor of that legacy, we’re launching the Hillary Rodham Clinton Day of Service.”

Here is the actual tweet:

Voter fraud was rampant so who knows how many votes Hillary actually received. At any rate, Trump won the election according to the Constitution which is what matters.

Special shoutout to Faith Spotted Eagle who cracked a glass ceiling last December. She received one electoral vote in the state of Washington after a faithless elector rejected Hillary.

CAUGHT: Hillary Clinton Said She Knew Nothing of Dossier, But She Forgot To Bleachbit…

Hillary got savaged by Trump supporters…

You get the point…

Hillary Clinton Forced To Cancel Appearances Due To Breaking Toe From A Tumble

Hillary, you got your pantsuited rear end handed to you by Trump, and let’s face it, you had everything stacked in your favor. Still, the tribe has spoken, Hill. You’re out on your butt. Learn to take a hint…

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