Opinion: Nobody Saw Trump 'Draining the Swamp' In Saudi Arabia -- Biggest News In A Generation
Opinion: Nobody Saw Trump 'Draining the Swamp' In Saudi Arabia -- Biggest News In A Generation

I don’t think anybody had any idea why President Trump made Saudi Arabia his first foreign trip as president and brought just about his entire administration. President Trump knew Saudi Arabia had a young prince waiting for his chance to run the Kingdom, that was smart enough to know that Saudi Arabia will go back to being just a desert if they don’t diversify off of oil. It’s basically their ONLY source of money and Trump knew this.

I can almost imagine this is how Trump’s message to him went. “Look, you have two choices, you can continue funding terror around the world and I will completely cut you off, and leave you Iran/Russia. OR you completely clean house and I will ensure no outside forces interfere while you do it. If you do that then we’ll give you access to our financial markets (largest in the world) so you can cash out of your oil company for trillions of dollars to diversify your economy”.

Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes and Dozens of Former Ministers

We throw the name George Soros around a lot (and honestly give him way too much credit for literally everything, news flash, he isn’t behind every single thing as much as you want to pretend he is) but he’s worth about 30 billion. Saudi Arabia is worth Trillions and they use it to fund radical Islam all over the world. Every time you hear about the thousands of high dollar mosques being built in Europe and the US, that’s Saudi Arabia. Trump is cutting off their finances Bigly!

Let’s not forget this all started just hours after Trump tweeted about listing their oil company on our stock exchanges.

A beautiful display of 5d chess. Saudi Arabia has controlled foreign policy for decades.

So many Americans have no idea that when the 9-11 report came out and said that Saudi Arabia funded 9-11, and the media barely mentioned it. I felt like running down the street yelling “How the %$#& does no one care one of our supposed allies committed the worst attack on US soil!!!!”. And it’s all because they own both parties, the Neocons and Neolibs.

Getting Saudia Arabia in line is the single biggest thing we can do to fight global terror. While the Leftist idiots are talking about enacting gun control, installing concrete barricades, and training U-Haul employees to spot terrorists trying to rent the truck of peace, Trump is dealing with this directly at the source.

A lot of people have been seeing 2d or 3d chess, we have been intently watching 4d chess, all the while Trump has actually been playing 5d chess. Hardly any of us were watching Saudi Arabia. Best timeline to be alive.

Alert — Saudi Arabia intercepts missile launched from Yemen

If he really drains the swamp in SA, he will be one of the most brilliant foreign affairs Presidents ever. If he succeeds this will be better and bigger than Nixon goes to China.

It will basically end all large-scale terrorist cells, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were the biggest funders. Trump is smart enough to know that killing each one as they pop up will last forever, so he’s going after the one thing they all need. Money.

This is essentially Game of Thrones: Real Life Edition — Saudi Arabia (See: Real Life Game of Thrones: Huge Power Play in Saudi Arabia — 11 Princes arrested, 2 dead). With the insane amounts of endless, effortless money, many factions have developed in Saudi Arabia, and they are not all allied with each other. With endless money, people get deranged.

Saudi Crown Prince declares a future ‘Moderate Saudi Arabia ‘

Saudis funded 9/11, Bin Laden, and now the Hillary Foundation/DNC.

This is big.

Saudi Arabia has also funded ISIS, along with groups like CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood. Saudis spend Tens of Billions every single year funding radical Islam soldiers and politicians to spread their brand of Islam.

This is without a doubt, the biggest story no one is talking about or covering it — at least properly.

In an attempt to prove my claims above, I have linked to either Wikipedia backing up my claims, or another source.

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