New Comey Accusations -- Deep State Out Of Control -- Corruption At The Highest Levels
New Comey Accusations -- Deep State Out Of Control -- Corruption At The Highest Levels

We have never seen corruption during previous presidencies quite like the kind of corruption that has been brought to light during this presidency, but it’s not the president who is corrupt.

The deep state has been doing everything in their power to overthrow President Donald Trump and his administration. These bureaucrats have not even been elected, but are threatening the very integrity of our country’s democracy.

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What’s worse is the fact that the mainstream media is putting their necks out to protect these guys!

It’s good to know that there are still a few honest journalists out there who are working towards exposing the deep state for what they truly are, the muckiest creatures in the swamp.

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Washington reporter Jack Posobiec explained that his FBI sources are telling him that James Comey put an end to the Susan Rice investigation simply because it would have implicated himself. Comey is in deep for this one.

The operatives within the deep state and the mainstream media have undoubtedly been working in cahoots to overthrow President Trump and completely ruin his presidency. It shocked Americans when the Susan Rice investigation was all of a sudden dropped and nothing more was said. We are not waiting for the truth. Now is the time for us to know what really happened. It’s extremely unfortunate that when the mainstream media is faced with a story that doesn’t fit their narrative, they seem to drop it. The Susan Rice investigation was swept under the rug because it didn’t look good for the left.

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It’s truly horrifying to have two anti-American groups working together to overthrow our democracy. President Trump is doing whatever he can to drain the swamp, we just hope it’ll happen before it’s too late. You can bet that with Trump in charge, the deep state operatives will be punished for breaking the law. The mainstream media will not be able to rely on any more leaks.

While the corrupt Democrats spend their time celebrating their small victories, the deep state and the mainstream media continue to work together, and the radical Left is making way. Things have got to change before the radicals take over our government.

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It was obvious that the American people showed their disdain for Liberalism when the majority voted Donald Trump into office in the 2016 Presidential Election. If we wanted the deep state to run our country, we would have voted for Hillary Clinton. It’s time to hold deep state operatives responsible for their actions. It’s time to hold all of the Democrats responsible for the mess America is in responsible for their role.

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