Donna Brazile Flounders On The View
Donna Brazile Flounders On The View

On Tuesday’s Episode “The View,” Donna Brazile was grilled about her accusations about Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the 2016 election.

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Donna Brazile was the interim DNC chair during the presidential election. In an excerpt released from her new book, Hacks, last week, she suggested Clinton rigged the primary election by controlling the party’s funds. She also said she considered replacing Clinton with Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for the general election due to concerns about Clinton’s health. Brazile later walked back her claims a bit, asserting that Clinton didn’t rig the primaries but acted unethically. Meanwhile, those who worked on the campaign have slammed her for what they say are false allegations.

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When the ABC talk show’s panelists first discussed Brazile’s initial claims last Friday, they seemed to believe what she was saying and condemned Clinton. But on Monday, they had a follow-up discussion in which they questioned her assertions. Now they all got to hash it out live with Brazile herself. The segment began with Whoopi Goldberg asking Brazile what the book is really about. “It is my examination of what happened last year. 2016 will go down in history as one of the most disruptive seasons we’ve had in a long time,” she said, explaining she only became chair because the DNC was hacked.

The book explores the effect hacking and foreign influences had on the election, and her goal, she said, is to stop something like that from happening again. “I’m afraid that it’s still happening. We haven’t cleaned up our house,” Brazile said. Goldberg told her, “But you do know this book is being used against the party, against everybody. People are upset. You understand.” The moderator then asked why she thought people wouldn’t interpret “the idea of Hillary bailing out the party” financially “as something that was bad and robbed Bernie as his ability to be president.” Brazile stressed, “First of all, I never used the word ‘rigged’ in my book. I used the word ‘cancer.’ I was uncomfortable with the ‘cancer’ I found.”

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She argued that at issue was that, because Clinton was keeping the DNC afloat financially, all spending decisions had to be cleared by her camp. “I wanted to spend my money without asking permission,” Brazile complained, saying that she didn’t have as much funding as she wanted to fight Donald Trump. She repeatedly praised Clinton as someone she “loves,” but also suggested they haven’t spoken recently. “She’s not on my speed dial,” Brazile admitted. She also portrayed herself as martyr of sorts who tried to save the day after the hacking. “I gave up everything [to become chair]. I did not want that phone call. I’m not the first choice. I’m the person you call to clean up the mess,” she said.

Interjected Meghan McCain, “With all respect, not to interfere, you’re highly critical of the campaign” in the book. Brazile acknowledged that, saying, “It was antiseptic. There was no rumbling and no fumbling and no passion. I wanted passion. Passion is what you need in a campaign.” Meanwhile, Sunny Hostin noted she and Brazile have been “friends for a long time” and said she knows “you’re a straight-shooter.” She then questioned her pal over her essentially claiming Clinton “owned the DNC.” Brazile said of Clinton’s camp, “I used to call them the ‘High Command of Brooklyn.’… I didn’t mind raising the money. Just let me spend it.”

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Joy Behar brought up the timing of Brazile’s controversial book, questioning, “Today’s election day. Why are you giving red meat to Trump’s side?” She responded, “Everyone is writing books. I wanted to tell my story about what happened. I wasn’t writing to make people upset.” When McCain spoke up again, she prefaced her query with, “I hope you answer this honestly.” She then asked Brazile if she knew Democrats were funding the Steele dossier. “No, I did not know. Because I did not control my money,” she stated. The two went back and forth until McCain finally got on answer as to whether Brazile thinks it’s “wrong” to use a foreign country for opposition research. She confirmed she is against such practices.

Brazile also clarified the scandal around one of the presidential debates, in which she allegedly leaked a question to Clinton’s camp when she worked for CNN, and explained that she only considered replacing Clinton as the nominee in accordance with policies about what to do in event of death or resignation. The mostly tense interview last three segments, with Goldberg bringing up at the start of the third that Brazile being “mad” that Barack Obama left the DNC “broke.” The comedienne asked, “Was it his job to bail out the party also? Who messed up the money?” Brazile detailed some of the financial issues, and pushed back, “Don’t use the word ‘mad.’ I was disappointed, frustrated.”

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It all ended with a look toward the future. Brazile said there’s “plenty of great candidates” for 2020, as many as 50 already, “but first the Democrats have to do well today… We need people to vote. That’s the number one problem for Democrats.” Check out the videos below.

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