Texas Shooter Cracked Infant Stepson's Skull, Punched A Dog, Stalked Women
Texas Shooter Cracked Infant Stepson's Skull, Punched A Dog, Stalked Women

He targeted the crying children.

Gunman Devin Kelley fired point-blank at frightened babies as he made his way through the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, a couple who survived the attack recalled.

Joaquin Ramirez made eye contact with Annabelle Pomeroy, the 14-year-old daughter of the church’s pastor, screaming in fear.

He told ABC affiliate KSAT that he signaled for her not to make any noise, because Kelley was shooting at those screaming in fear.

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A couple who survived the shooting at a church in Sutherland, Texas last Sunday shared their account of the heinous crime and said that the attacker targeted poor, crying children.

The couple recalled that gunman Devin Kelley fired point-blank at scared babies as he went inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

Joaquin Ramirez said he saw that 14-year-old Annabelle Pomeroy, the church pastor’s daughter, screaming in fear. Ramirez tried to make eye contact with the teenager and motioned for her not to make further noise to avoid catching the attention of the sick gunman who was targeting screaming, crying children.

Unfortunately, the girl did not survive the incident.

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His wife, Roseane Solis, was wounded when the gunman started firing his Roger AR-556 into the small church while still outside.

The couple said they heard firecrackers popping. Solis said everybody started screaming and yelling. She added: “Everyone got down, crawling under wherever they could hide.”

The couple also took cover, became bloodied and in shock, as they helplessly watch the hail of bullets over their heads.

The couple said time seemed to have stood still when the mad gunman went inside the church. Solis recalled that around 25 children were inside the church at the time of the horrific incident.

The gunman’s youngest victim was only 18 months old, while his eldest victim was 77 years old.

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Authorities described Kelley then as decked out in tactical gear, wearing a black facemask featuring a white skull. The police found 15 empty magazines holding 30 rounds each at the scene of the crime.

The couple also said that following the attack, it took a long time for the ambulance to arrive that they decided to just drive themselves to the hospital, shocked and wounded as they are.

Solis was just happy that their lives were spared as she feared that it would be her last day at the time the carnage was taking place.




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