If you don’t know who Bill Burr is, or haven’t hear his viewpoints yet, here is your introduction. So make yourself comfortable for this one. An angry feminist wrote a manifesto about how she’s never going to listen to Burr’s podcast ever again. Because of Burr’s “hate speech.”

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What is the “hate speech” in question? Burr has a reoccurring segment on his show where he highlights stories about women acting badly, especially when it comes to cheating on their husbands. Then suing the husbands for child support.

But here, I’ll let the comedian explain further as he reads the letter and absolutely destroys the dingbat who wrote it.

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All joking aside, this was really a textbook example of how leftists argue. Burr said one thing she disagreed with, and yet dropped every talking point she had at her disposal on him. In essay form. She cared so little for Burr, she spent a lot of time explaining how much she hated him, with every tool in her limited mental box.

Which Burr swatted away like a prizefighter.

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Ah, feminists. We’ll never tire of your dummy ways of battle. If bad language offends you don’t listen to this…

So there you have it. Bill Burr didn’t skip a beat.

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