Anti Donald Trump RefuseFascism protest, New York, USA - 04 Nov 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)
Anti Donald Trump RefuseFascism protest, New York, USA - 04 Nov 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Liberal financier George Soros may want a refund today after Refuse Fascism’s mass insurrection failed to materialize on November 4.

A full-page ad in the New York Times costs about $150,000. Signs cost money, too. It may be chump change to a guy like George Soros, but he still must be disappointed in the results.

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The Antifa Apocalypse was an Antifail.

Perhaps even the most anti-Trump resisters balk at the thought of marching under a communist flag with black-clad masked commies and anarchists.

Sure, the communist front group was able to muster a handful or even hundreds of protesters in some of the locations on its list of 20 deep blue cities, but we were promised a sea of humanity –“thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions” — in opposition to the “hate and bigotry of the Trump/Pence fascist regime.”

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What we got were the usual marching and chanting gaggles of Alt-Left malcontents and crackpots, screeching at times through obnoxious bullhorns and trying very hard to be on their best behavior — because organizers promised “peaceful protests.”

There were a few minor confrontations with Trump supporters and instances of violence, but much fewer than anticipated. Only a few people were arrested — in L.A. and NYC — where the biggest crowds were.

And as is always the case with Leftist protests, there was plenty of foul language and a need for “language warnings” in media posts about the protests that came with videos. (I don’t remember such a need when the tea party was in full swing — although there was perhaps a language warning needed for the occasional reporters who couldn’t resist calling the conservative protesters “teabaggers.”)

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Here are some sights and sounds from the great November 4 ANTIFAIL:

In Chicago, a communist stronghold, a couple dozen protesters showed up to chant and wave their Soros backed signs to the beat of drums.

Here, a musician manically repeated the phrase “Today we begin!” over and over and over again.

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Boston’s crowd was absolutely lacking …

A whopping 50 people showed up in Cleveland:

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Resisters in Texas represented as best they could:

Philadelphia saw about 200 protesters according to

(A History of Antifa and Alt-Left Violence: January – August 2017 (Videos and Pictures))

A couple of over-zealous resisters in Philly let their anti-Trump emotions get the best of them. In the video, a woman nonchalantly walks up to a Trump supporter and spits in his face. When he pushes her away, another woman (?) charges him but is quickly taken down. A police officer is then seen taking control of the person on the ground.

Even “Antifa central” Seattle saw only about 50 protesters:

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In L.A., this fella explained the strategy to drive Trump out of office with sustained protests by masses of people in the streets — “like they’ve done in other countries.” It’s basically the Soros model of regime change through “color revolutions.” It’s getting off to a pretty lame start.

New York City had one of the bigger crowds:

Some angry shouting through a bullhorn in San Francisco:

And Youtube prankster Joey Salads “joined” Antifa, I’m not sure where:

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November 4 was just the first in their series of protests which they hope will snowball into a massive insurrection.

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