'You're A Hater': Tucker Carlson Takes On Supporter Of Violent Truck Ad Against Gillespie
'You're A Hater': Tucker Carlson Takes On Supporter Of Violent Truck Ad Against Gillespie

Tucker Carlson debated Democratic strategist and lawyer Ladawn Jones over a violent ad recently ran in Virginia against Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie.

The segment was focused on an ad recently ran by a Latino group in Virginia against Gillespie that depicted a diver with a Confederate flag-flying pickup truck trying to hit minority kids with his truck.

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Carlson asked “What does that have to do with Ed Gillespie? I mean, look, I’m trying to be reasonable. I‘m not sure you’re capable of it, but I’m trying to walk through this slowly and ask you–how does what happened in Charlottesville relate to EGillespie and why is he he responsible for it? I mean, maybe I’m too literal…”

Jones answered, “No, you’re trying to be literal, and you know what, you’re trying to be literal, and you’re trying to be literal because you don’t want to recognize that there are white people in America that can be as bad and worse terrorists as the Muslim terrorists that are here. And you’re defending this ad, not because it has anything to do with Ed Gillespie — you could care less about Ed Gillespie. You care about what it depicts. You want to show that the Confederate flag is part of our heritage. I salute one flag–that’s the American flag.”

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The Daily Caller co-founder closed the segment, saying, “We are done. you are a deeply unreasonable person. I hope you never get near power.”

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So there you have it.


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