In the last twenty-four days, Sweden has seen twelve separate bombing attacks. We are talking about a country with a population of just one million more inhabitants than all of New York City.

Earlier this month, the attacks have included: an attack on the police station in Malmö, on a multi-family apartment complex, and a car bomb. The most recent attack that occurred on 2 November, was on a nightclub restaurant in Malmö. The Babel nightclub’s front entrance was destroyed by the bomb. There were no injuries in this attack.

According to Swedish news SVT the same nightclub was attacked last year as well, when someone left an explosive device just in front of the establishment. The police have yet to determine what the source of the explosion was. No suspects have been apprehended in the attack.

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Despite the astonishing uptick in bombing incidences, the Swedish media treats the events as isolated, rather than acknowledging the big picture. Sweden is under attack and it’s just a matter of time before these attacks lead to severe consequences and casualties.

If there were this many attacks in New York City there would have been mass media coverage and measures being discussed to resolve the issue. In Sweden, however, the attacks get minimal coverage. The fact that the instances are many is completely ignored.

What is also ignored is the question who could be responsible for the attacks. Earlier we interviewed Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen about it and he thought most of the attacks have to do with migrant criminal gangs. Some of the research we did also pointed in that direction with the migrant-populated city of Malmö being a hotspot for bomb attacks.

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But it’s not the whole story. We also talked with a Croation migrant who left Sweden for safety reasons. It becomes even worse when some refugees say they consider moving back to their warn-torn homeland because Sweden is like a war zone.

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But as long as the Swedish government does not honestly reflect on what happens at the moment the situation won’t change. Safety is an important aspect of a society and with this level of shootings and bombings Sweden could turn into a failed state or even like some say: A war zone.

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