ANOTHER Kevin Spacey Sexual Scandal With A Teenager, Bought Silence
Kevin Spacey Exposed Himself to Teenager, Bought Silence with a Watch

It’s getting difficult to keep up with all the Kevin Spacey scandals (pun intended). First, was the initial Anthony Rapp accusation, which Spacey used (unsuccessfully) to come out of the closet. The LGBT community told him to get back in the closet, calling it the worst coming out ever. Second, was an actor at a bar in 2003. Spacey grabbed his “whole package” in a rather inappropriate way.

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That brings us to number 3 where Kevin Spacey exposed himself, allegedly, to a bartender in England in 2010.

When the barkeep wasn’t impressed with Spacey’s Little Oscar, Spacey tried to buy the bartender’s silence with an expensive watch.

A BRITISH barman says shamed Kevin Spacey flashed at him outside a hotel then handed over his £5,000 watch to hush him up.

Daniel Beal told how he was having a cigarette break when the Oscar-winning actor, 58, sat beside him on a bench, flashed his privates and said: “It’s big, isn’t it?”

Be honest. When you read that, you totally heard Spacey’s voice. If not, lemme really mess with your mind:

kevin spacey

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Ok, let’s move on.

Disgusted Dan returned to work at the bar — only to be followed by Spacey who insisted the then 19-year-old take his expensive Swiss watch.

Dan said yesterday: “I thought he was joking but he took off his watch and gave it to me.

“Looking back I realise it was to keep me quiet.”

house of cards

By all accounts, it was a very nice watch. No comment on exposed penis, though. Let’s keep it that way.

We don’t need to do the outrage thing. There are sleezier stories on which to spend our limited outrage (*cough* Brett Ratner *cough*). The bartender is laughing it off. So I say everyone join me in pretending this entire story was just a deleted scene from American Beauty.

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Still, goes to evidence, your honor. This is just one time. How many other stories are out there? And did anyone actually think Kevin’s pecker was worthy of a nomination?

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