Iraq Veteran stuffs would be robber's own gun in mouth in botched store heist (Video)
Iraq Veteran stuffs would be robber's own gun in mouth in botched store heist (Video)

One thug’s gamble for a quick and easy robbery went horribly awry when he discovered, the hard way, that he picked the wrong man to try to victimize.

A video is going viral again with all the recent talks of gun control.

In a video capturing a surprisingly non-violent ordeal from September 2013, a man entered a liquor store in Marionville, Missouri, smoking a cigarette.

He had big plans for his time in-store, but he didn’t realize that he was about to interact with former military police officer Jon Lewis Alexander, as Huff Post reports.

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A Marionville, Mo., liquor store clerk was working his shift on Sunday night when a would-be robber walked in smoking a cigarette, according to WUSA.

“You need to give me all your money,” the would-be robber said, according to Alexander, pulling out a firearm after being asked to leave the store because of his smoking.

He would not be getting any money.

“I pulled my weapon up and put it against his mouth and told him ‘You need to get out of here before I blow your — head off,’ and he backed right on out the door,” Alexander recalled in an interview after the incident.

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Note the move Alexander makes in the video to keep the other man’s gun out of his face. This clerk played this exactly right.

Attempting to rob a store, bank, you-name-it is always a pretty dumb idea. There’s no reason for anyone to risk their lives in the pursuit of some quick cash.

But robbery is especially dumb when you try to take on an armed veteran.

It’s  a small miracle that the thug survived the incident at all — which is both a testament to the poor guy’s luck and the cool, collection, and calm of Alexander.

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He knew he had the bad guy dead to rights, and the bad guy knew it too.

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