Bitter left plots challenge to electoral system after Clinton loss
Still bruised from Clinton loss, left takes aim at Electoral College in court

There’s one giant MAIN reason Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump: America hates her guts more than the fashion industry hates her suits.

Or more than Tess Holliday hates kale. America hates Hillary’s guts because she’s corrupt, a liar, the handmaiden of Lucifer himself (allegedly) and refuses to be accountable for her own degree of suck.

Dear Hillary Clinton: You Lost Because America Hates You. Epitomized best in this video from The Washington Free Beacon. Wait ’til the end. Just do it.

Brilliant. Totally brilliant.

This compilation perfectly illustrates how pathetic or absurd something can be, just by stringing together all (in this case) Hillary’s “I would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” statements into one concise little video. (Also: Hillary Clinton watches as Jimmy Fallon writers and a weeping Miley Cyrus read her thank you letters)

The Breaking Bad homage at the end, that just was the whipped cream on the double fudge sundae. Gimme an insulin shot, stat.

Snippets of your book, Hillary, aptly titled What Happened, have erupted across the internet like a case of hemorrhoids. In it, you’ve blamed Bernie Sanders for somehow inspiring Donald Trump to brand you “Crooked Hillary.” Then you blamed your un-predecessor President Obama for not stopping his pal Vlad, and of course FBI Director Comey for his ill-timed (for you) condemnation letter. (See: Hillary Clinton Says Women ‘Disrespecting Selves’ and ‘Media Confessed To Me They Overdid Email…)

Also, pro-tip to Hillary: Sweetie, you would’ve won had you not been an evil succubus she-devil hag who made her career from riding the coattails of an adulterer, rapist husband. But okay, keep blaming Comey’s letter. You gotta do you.

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