Ellen UNDER FIRE for sharing hypocritical photo with Katy Perry! #MeToo?!

The hypocrisy radiating from the left has turned a corner in recent weeks, as a massive swath of Hollywood falls under the knife of chauvinism and sexual assault allegations.

Harvey Weinstein, a famous Hollywood producer, is the catalyst in the latest purge of perverts from entertainment’s capital city.  The movie producer now stands accused of over sixty accounts of sexual misconduct and at least three incidents of pure, unadulterated rape – a number that has grown exponentially as his victims comes to grips with the reality that they are no longer alone in their pain.

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The fall of one of Hollywood’s leftist big-shots has spurred an awakening of sorts among Americans in several industries who no longer feel the burden of their victim-hood.  Just today Mark Halperin, a host at MSNBC was forced to apologize for his own lewd behavior thanks to the newfound bravery of sexual assault victims banding together and coming forward together.

Now. Ellen, who is a lesbian, sent out a tweet that is taking some heat from the right.

As pointed out by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, how exactly would the Left react if this tweet and photo were put out by a straight man, particularly with the current heavy focus on sexual harassment?

TV host and avid LGBTQ activist Ellen DeGeneres has been a vocal supporter of this latest movement, embracing the #MeToo trend throughout social media in which Americans relate their own stories of victim-hood in an effort to demonstrate the scope of the issue.

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Now, just days later, DeGeneres is facing criticisms of her own after tweeting a sexually objectifying message to pop star Katy Perry.

“Comedian and daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is receiving some backlash from fans after a joke about Katy Perry was taken as sexist.

“The star courted outrage on Wednesday after dedicating a tweet to the ‘Roar’ singer on her birthday.

“’Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!’ the star wrote over an image of her gawking, mouth agape, at Perry’s breasts.

sexual harassment

“As The Wrap notes, actor Michael Rapaport caught wind of the tweet and voiced his displeasure to Ellen, arguing that ‘the world would stop’ if a man had sent this tweet.”

Rapaport isn’t the only one with an objection to Ellen’s double standard of sexism, either, as Twitter was abound with reactions to the TV host’s abhorrent digital cat-calling.

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Lesbian Privilege: Ellen Shares Tweet Only She Can Get Away With In Wake Of Weinstein Scandal
Lesbian Privilege: Ellen Shares Tweet Only She Can Get Away With In Wake Of Weinstein Scandal

Such is the hypocrisy of liberals, who pick and choose their battles based on how much ammunition they can aim at Trump during the conflict.  Ellen’s outspoken #MeToo advocacy was nothing more than a sham publicity stunt by the secret chauvinist, who has revealed her true depravity via social media.

Yeah, it’s not exactly rocket science here. They would lose their minds. (And their heads would completely explode if that person were on the right)

My goodness, actor Ryan Gosling was accused of sexism for thanking his wife Eva Mendes at the Golden Globes. Sports reporter Clay Travis was blasted as sexist for uttering the word “boobs,” an apparent tagline of his, in the presence of female CNN reporter Brooke Baldwin. Actress Ashley Judd accused a poor airport worker of “everyday sexism” for calling her sweetheart.

But what Ellen did? No problem.

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Now, do I even remotely care at all about whose knockers Ellen is looking at? No. Do you? Probably not. But, alas, let us all bask in the radiant heat of Hollywood’s stunning doubled standard, yet again.

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