WATCH: ‘Precious’ Star Blames Personal Misfortunes on “Older White Men” on The View

Quick lesson on expressive style: “Racism” is when someone has a bias against a group of people based purely on their skin color. “Hasty generalization” is the fallacy of stereotyping an entire group based on the actions of one. “Leftist moon-faced Nincumpoop” is a person who embodies the first two ideas. The following video shows a member of such species with her time-honored mating call of outrageous hysteria.

We present to you Gabourey Sidibe, star in the hit TV show ‘Empire’ and the star of the movie “Precious.” (Related: Magazine Calls on White Women to Fight White Supremacy by Aborting All of Their Babies)

“Um, yeah. I think what happens is, one, I am — I think people think I’m younger than I am, and I’m black, and I have a different body so people discount me no matter where I go if they don’t recognize me from, like, movies, from being a star. They just assume I’m not supposed to be there.”

“That happens in high-end stores, not always, but it happens,” she added. “Also it happens — the worst, like the most offensive to me is — and this is going to sound chi chi — but first class, like on airplanes. It’s the worst, because there’s always some older white man who’s like ‘you’re in the wrong line, hun.’”

“And I’m like, here’s my ticket. You’re in the wrong line! Sorry, don’t discount me. Don’t you stop me.”

“They really do that, don’t they,” said Joy Behar.

“They do,” the actress responded. “And they are rude to white women. Older white men are a problem, y’all, for everyone. We’re all at risk.”

“I suspect it’s because I’m black, but it could also be because I’m fat,” Sidibe shared in the piece.

Or, and this is just a guess, it could be because you are a bee with an itch, if you get my subtle cussery. It could also be that ONE time, some old white dude genuinely thought you needed assistance with the fine art of line standing. According to your rhetoric, those “old white men” are probably from the south, where they master line dancing. I can stereotype too. (Related: Huffington Post: White Men: No, You’re Not Allowed To Have A Racial Preference)

She’s taking nuanced characteristics and creating a stereotype, saying we need to stop an entire group of white men because of it. Sounds a lot like racism to me.

How much white privilege do you have? Are you white? Then congratulations, somehow you have privilege. Find out how much: (Related: White woman, Martina Adam, completes racial reassignment procedures)

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