Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy, most famous for being a 90’s children’s show host and habitually talking out of his assfinally got something right. Bill has declared himself a failure. For not adequately fooling selling us on man-made climate change.

“I am a failure!” Nye exclaimed when reflecting back on the shows he created over twenty years ago about the Earth’s warming.

Nye blamed the fossil fuel industry for creating the schism between climate deniers and believers, saying “they have worked so hard to introduce doubt.” He went on to say that he believed climate change was discovered in the 1970s, “and we’ve done virtually nothing about it all this time.” (Related: Bill Nye Uses Ice Cream Cartoon to “Teach” Kids about “Flavors of Sexuality”)

“What I tell everybody is vote,” Nye told Salon. “We don’t want everybody to be a scientist; that would be unwieldy. We need accountants and artists, filmmakers, journalists — but we want everybody to appreciate science,” and appreciate “the value of science to your everyday life, to the economy of whatever country you live in and to the future of humankind as we face the biggest challenge so far,” he continued.

Bill Nye thinks he’s a failure? I don’t even have a rebuttal for that. (Related: Bill Nye: Older generations are going to have to ‘die’ before climate science can…)

Thinking steve martin

Okay, I lied. There is one thing Bill got wrong. The backhandedness of his comments isn’t lost on me. Nye being a failure has nothing to do with Republicans or “big oil.”

Bill’s a failure because he’s a smug, demagogic prick with crackpot ideas about jailing “climate deniers” and putting a cap on sweet baby-making. Totalitarianism is a-okay in Bill’s book, so long as it’s in the name of “science.” (Related: Watch: Bill Nye blows gasket when a real scientist schools him on facts about…)

There’s also his life-threateningly cringy take on sexuality and gender identity. But, out of respect, I’ll spare you further details. Just think really hard before you click that link.

Maybe if Bill would spend some time engaging in debate, instead of shutting it down from his self-made pedestal, he might get somewhere. But, then again, the facts would have to be on his side. (Related: Alert: New Netflix Cartoon Aims to Teach Sick Sex Lessons To Children)

Salon Talks: Bill Nye the Science Guy

The story behind the science guy. Bill Nye and the directors of a new documentary about his rise to fame,“Bill Nye: Science Guy,” join Salon to discuss how Bill went from nerdy kids TV show host to one of the most recognizable voices on climate change today

Posted by Salon on Monday, October 23, 2017

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