Army Ranger and Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto DESTROYS JoyAnn Reid For Comparing Niger Attack to Benghazi
Army Ranger and Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto DESTROYS JoyAnn Reid For Comparing Niger Attack to Benghazi

MSNBC’s host of ‘AM Joy’, JoyAnn Reid tossed stones at a glass house after she angrily demanded answers to why U.S. troops were in Niger following the death of four U.S. Special Operators. She also compared the Niger attack to Benghazi. 

Terrible move.

Reid never thinks before she opens her mouth, which is why she is known for her ignorant remarks. Former President Obama sent the Special Ops troops to Niger in February of 2013 according to a Reuters report.

According to Reuters reported:

Obama, in a letter to congressional leaders, said the last 40 of the approximately 100 military personnel had arrived in Niger on Wednesday and were “deployed with weapons for the purpose of providing their own force protection and security.”

“This deployment will provide support for intelligence collection and will also facilitate intelligence sharing with French forces conducting operations in Mali, and with other partners in the region,” the president said.

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JoyAnn Reid asked several times what American special forces were doing in Niger… (Obama sent them there, genius)

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Again, she is demanding to know what U.S. special forces are doing in Niger

Dumb as a rock — well even that is being too kind — JoyAnn Reid popped off asking, “Again: why are US troops in Niger? And why haven’t the relevant Republican committee chairs scheduled hearings?”

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Reid then compared the Niger attack to Benghazi. They are two completely different situations. President Trump didn’t claim it was caused by a YouTube video nor give stand down orders allowing our men to die. How dare she compare this to Benghazi.

And Twitter responded and for good reason…

First, Benghazi hero Army Ranger Kris Paronto slammed Reid, “Do you know my name Joy? … how about my teammates that were left to die along with me by your messiahs @BarackObama & @HillaryClinton”

Stephen Miller slammed Reid for her ignorance.

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Educate yourselves. Joy Reid should be ashamed of herself.

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