James Comey farewell letter: ‘A president can fire an FBI director for any reason’ 2
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Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey sparked 2020 rumors over the weekend after a post from his alleged Twitter account garnered attention.

What exactly happened?

A Twitter account, which is believed to be the account belonging to the ex-FBI chief, tweeted a picture of Iowa farmland and phrase presidential candidates often use.

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Given Iowa’s significance in the primary race — it is the site of the first Republican and Democratic caucus — candidates spend a lot of time in Iowa, frequently traveling to The Hawkeye State from other early primary states. When they arrive back, they will typically tell Iowans at a rally that it’s “good to be back in Iowa.”

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How did people in the Twittersphere respond?

Wait — So how do we know the anonymous account belongs to Comey?

In March of this year, Ashley Feinberg, who at the time was a Gizmodo reporter, conducted a deep analysis into the account after Comey confirmed at a public event that he does, indeed, have private Twitter and Instagram accounts. Feinberg’s investigation is worth reading and all but confirms Comey is the owner of the account.

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The account had been locked for several months after Feinberg’s exposé, but Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare, who is a close, longtime friend of Comey’s, said on Twitter last week that he had convinced the account’s owner to unlock it. Wittes, however, refuses to spill the beans on the owner’s identity.