Meatier models making a big business splash in Sports Illustrated

The modeling business took another hefty hit Wednesday when modeling heavyweight Kate Wasley was hired to showcase swimwear. 

Although she isn’t as plus as some ‘plus-sized’ models are, it doesn’t do any favors for the reader’s eyes, nor a magazine that is solely based on athleticism.

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The main audience of Sports Illustrated is overwhelmingly male. Men who are buying the magazine to see attractive, healthy women in bikinis, not someone who can be seen walking out of the local McDonald’s. Besides, Wasley’s overhang is overwhelming.

It doesn’t do Wasley any favors either. Placing her next to someone such as Georgia Gibbs highlights their more than obvious differences.

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Celebrating unhealthy lifestyles is not something anyone should subscribe to, especially if that person is unhealthy themselves. All this does is glorify the problems fat people face, such as an early death.

More than 36.5 percent of adult Americans are obese, according to the CDC. This means more than a third of Americans are at risk of obesity-related conditions including heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, the leading causes of preventable death.

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According to the CDC the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in 2008 was $147 billion and the average medical cost for people with obesity was $1,429 higher than those that were healthy.

Although younger adults were less obese, 32.3 percent of adults aged 20–39, than those who were older, 40.2 percent of adults aged 40-59, this new “fat acceptance” culture is sure to increase the obesity rates of young adults.

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So, thank you Sports Illustrated for promoting an image that may well lead to the early deaths of more than a third of the country.

Featured Image Via Instagram/Kate Wasley


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