University Magazine Creates ‘Is Your Costume Racist’ Flowchart 2
University Magazine Creates ‘Is Your Costume Racist’ Flowchart

Students at the University of Ohio can finally rest easy as they can now officially know whether or not a costume is considered ‘racist’ in order to avoid further Leftist meltdowns.

1870 Magazine, which is a publication “built by and for students” of Ohio State University, recently published an “is your costume racist” flowchart for this upcoming Halloween.

A picture originally obtained by Campus Reform recently surfaced, however, a digital image has now been published by 1870 online:

Here is the photo from Campus Reform: (Below is digital info-graphic, easier to read)

With regard to costumes based on memes, the chart is anxious about anything derived from “4Chan or Reddit,” unless it comes from “the wholesome memes Twitter account.”
With regard to costumes based on memes, the chart is anxious about anything derived from “4Chan or Reddit,” unless it comes from “the wholesome memes Twitter account.”
  • The current issue of a magazine run by Ohio State University students features a flow-chart designed to help students determine whether their Halloween costume is racist.
  • The flow-chart enthusiastically supports costumes that “make fun of Donald Trump,” but warns white students to avoid dressing as Prince or wearing “traditional head wear from other cultures.”
"Is your costume racist" flowchart from 1870 Magazine.
“Is your costume racist” flowchart from 1870 Magazine.

The chart asks college students about their Halloween costumes, and attempts to guide them away from “racist” choices. “Is it from 4Chan or Reddit?” the guide asks. Answer “Yes,” and it further queries: “Does this meme validate white supremacists?”

Another question: “Does it humanize inhumane people?” If your answer is “Yes,” the guide asks that you “reconsider your costume idea.”

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And of course, if the costume makes fun of President Trump, the chart says to “do it!” One wonders if the chart would similarly promote the mockery of Hillary Clinton or any other liberal figure. Probably not; they play to their audience.

The flowchart has garnered attention from Fox News, Campus Reform, Dailywire and other outlets.

1870 Magazine, seemingly pleased with the attention, wrote the following in response to a negative tweet about the flowchart: “I guess we now know who the sensitive ones REALLY are.”

One interesting tidbit from the flowchart is the following sequence of questions and answers:

Q: What is your costume?

A: Something sexy.

Q: Is it ironically sexy?

A: No.

Q: Is it a job or occupation?

A: No.

Q: Does your costume include traditional head wear from other cultures?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you white?

At this point, if one answers “Yes,” the charts states: “Try a new costume idea.” However, if you answer “No,” it tells you “You’re good,” with a thumbs up.

This implies that it’s ok for anyone who’s not white to appropriate the native garments of various other cultures. An African American wearing a Native American headdress is apparently completely okay; a Hispanic person wearing an African dashiki must also be acceptable.

It appears whiteness is the sole prerequisite for racism according to the writers at 1870 Magazine.

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The flow-chart takes a rather more favorable view towards “ironically sexy” costumes, encouraging students to dress up as a “sexy construction worker” or “animal of some sort,” but cautioning them against costumes featuring “traditional head wear from other cultures.”

Sporting foreign head wear is apparently okay for any student who is not white, it goes on, but those who are white should “try a new costume idea.”

H/T Campus Reform and Dailywire

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