Chelsea Clinton Defended Dana Loesch And Mike Pence On Twitter 2
Chelsea Clinton Takes To Twitter To Defend ... Dana Loesch And Mike Pence?

The former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, who has embraced Twitter lately in an effort to connect more fully with the “small people,” took the platform Monday, ready for another day, locked in an aggressive culture war with the micro-blogging proletariat. But in a shocking twist, Clinton took on opponents of not one but two conservative icons.

Chelsea Clinton rushed to the defense of Dana Loesch, who says that threats from anti-gun activists have become so terrifying, she’s packing up her home and moving to an undisclosed location. (Related: NRA’s Dana Loesch driven from home by death, rape threats)

Yesterday, Loesch, a public spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association and ardent gun rights activist, shared some of the threats she’s received in recent days. So-called “peace activists” have told Loesch that they know where she lives, and that they’re coming to rape and murder her.

Leftists on Twitter weren’t quick to rush to Loesch’s cause, even with concrete evidence that Loesch was facing a barrage of hate. Chelsea, even, received a litany of replies claiming Loesch had manufactured the threats, and that Loesch shouldn’t be scared — after all, she was armed, right?

Loesch, for her part, thanked Chelsea for her comments, pointing out that women can reach across the aisle to condemn violence.

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A few short hours later, Chelsea ran to the defense of another conservative stalwart, this time showing support of Vice President Mike Pence, who’s been caught, Monday, in what appears to be a rift between the White House, key donors, and former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and who fell victim to a barrage of the President’s thinly-veiled insults, including a claim that Pence supported “hanging gays.”

A handful of liberal leaning outlets claimed the remark was evidence that even Trump — a man they consider ‘literally Hitler’ — couldn’t stomach Mike Pence’s internalized prejudices.

But that’s not really a fair way of looking at it. According to the full remarks, President Trump appeared to be telling the vice-president that his work on behalf of the pro-life and pro-marriage movement were all for naught, and that the president was more successful, by a single action — appointing Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court — than Pence had been in years.

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It was an insult directed at Pence, and an improper one to boot. Even Chelsea Clinton, who can’t possibly be a fan of either President Trump or Vice-President Pence, recognized it.

Someone call the doctor, apparently Chelsea has hit her head, and isn’t feeling — or thinking well.

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