Phil Robertson Has a Huge Career Announcement -- Here it is!

Phil Robertson, star of the hit television series “Duck Dynasty,” has already made a big name for himself, but he has plans to take on a new role.

According to The Daily Wire, Robertson will join CRTV, the conservative online television outlet that features big names in such as Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Dan Bongino.

In a promotional video clip provided to The Hollywood Reporter, Robertson’s new show on CRTV will be called “In the Woods With Phil.”

Robertson said his Christian beliefs will be at the front and center of the show and that he won’t be afraid to challenge political correctness.

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“What does a man do when they try to run him out of town for quoting a Bible verse?” Robertson asks in the sneak peak clip of one episode for his new show. “I tell you what he does — he goes deep in the woods.”

Robertson was referring to comments he made during a GQ interview in 2013 about not agreeing with homosexuality, which led to A&E briefly suspending him from “Duck Dynasty.”

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After Robertson made the Thursday announcement on Twitter, fans said they were excited and planned to watch the new show.

“Never seen CRTV, but guess what? They’ll be getting my business tonight. This is great!” one wrote.

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