Hillary Might Collapse -- Again -- After Seeing What Melania Was Wearing

Let’s play a little word association here: When you think about Hillary Clinton, what words come to mind?

There are so many. Failure. Benghazi. Demagogue. Liar. Enabler. Felon. Loser. “Deplorables.”

All of those would be good, but none would be my choice. Instead, I would go with the one sartorial item most commonly identified with Clinton: Pantsuit.

es, nobody rocks the pantsuit quite like Hillary Clinton. And when I say “nobody,” I actually mean literally anyone else. Rush Limbaugh could make it look better.

And Melania Trump? She could make it look a lot better.

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In fact, she did just that during a Wednesday event at the White House welcoming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife back to the United States. There were no handshake antics to report this time, but that’s because Melania definitely stole the show. Take a look:

Very “Annie Hall.” I’m impressed!

Meanwhile, let’s contrast this with Hillary Clinton’s stylings when in the vaunted pantsuit.

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Yes, I think we can definitively say that Melania Trump managed to wear it better. In fact, it’s hardly even a contest — and you can imagine Hillary’s going to have a meltdown when people start pointing that out.

Happy birthday, President Obama.

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Of course, you may think we’re being sexist by critiquing the various stylings of Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton. However, the fashion gap between the GOP and the Democrats goes beyond just the pantsuit issue.

Donald Trump, for instance, is a man who has his own line of ties and a distinctive style. Hillary Clinton’s challenger for the Democrat nomination, Bernie Sanders, also had a distinctive style. It was the rumpled style of someone trying to dress up as Clarence Darrow for Halloween.

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So, say what you will about the Trumps, but they’ve certainly managed to bring some style into the White House. They’ve even figured out how to rock the pantsuit.

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