Whether it’s on or off the field, Tim Tebow continues to make headlines.

The most recent example of why Tim Tebow continues to intrigue so many of his followers was a speech he gave Sunday during a fundraiser at the Clemente Center of the Florida Institute of Technology.

The engaged crowd, many of whom were wearing the orange and blue of the University of Florida, expected Tim Tebow to share stories of his football and baseball experiences. And while he did share a few of those light-hearted stories, he ventured into what really matters.

“We remember and know what’s most important is people,” Tim Tebow said.

The theme of Tebow’s speech was learning what it meant to be on a team. But one story he shared about an inmate on death row left the audience in tears.

Tebow spoke about how he found himself “nose to nose” with the inmate with only a pane of Plexiglas between them.

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The inmate looked at Tebow and said, “You’re a Christian.”

“Yes sir, I am,” Tebow replied.

The inmate then proceeded to say, “You might not believe this, but right before you walked up, five minutes ago I told God, you ain’t never been there for me.”

“My entire life I have been abused, I have been neglected, the people that were supposed to love me, they left me, they betrayed me. Everybody that was supposed to have my back, they didn’t,” the inmate said. “If you don’t show up now, then I’d do everything to end my life, cause I have lost all hope.”

“That’s why the first thing I said to you, was ‘you’re a Christian’ because that was God answering my prayer that I’m not alone anymore,” the inmate said.

The story summed up Tim Tebow’s speech that being part of a team is about “rallying people together to change lives.”

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“You’re not in it alone,” Tebow said. “Church isn’t a building we go to on Sunday. It’s people we get to do life with every day.”

Quite the inspiring story!

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