Michelle Obama Had TWO Words After Leaving White House, Showed How Much “Respect” She Had
Michelle Obama Had TWO Words After Leaving WH, Showed How Much “Respect” She Had

For the eight LONG years of Obama’s presidency, American conservatives suspected the first lady of the United States never really respected the position she held, or even the country she represented.

The Truth Is Out!

Now, with two words recorded in an admirer’s autobiography, that suspicion is finally confirmed.

“We’re free,” Michelle Obama told British billionaire Richard Branson when the former first couple arrived Branson’s private island in the Caribbean shortly after leaving the White House, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Richard Branson, founder of the financial conglomerate The Virgin Group, recounted the story in his newly released autobiography “Finding My Virginity.”

“We’re free?” Like spending almost a decade in the luxury of the White House, attended by two dozen personal assistants (for Michelle alone), and representing the American people abroad represented some kind of hellish ordeal for the prima donna from Chicago.

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For us normal folk, the trappings and duties of the White House would be a source of pride – onerous at times maybe, but a thrill and honor nonetheless. For Michelle Obama, those two words make it sound like the Middle Passage, the auction block and the cotton fields all rolled into one.

Obviously, the former first lady has never been real high on the United States as an idea. Going back to her days as Michelle Robinson at Princeton, she wrote an entire thesis about racial resentment in society – mainly her own, it sounds like.

And, of course, no conservative could forget her statement in 2008 that she’d never been “really proud” of her country until she was well into her 40s, and her husband was well on his way to winning the Democrat nomination for the presidency.

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But the utter disrespect and contempt that comes out in those two words make it clear just how much she must have loathed those taxpayer-funded vacations, the bully pulpit of the White House (and boy, did she bully), and the slavish adoration of a lapdog mainstream media and the Hollywood glitterati (who worship her yet).

Naturally, conservatives on social media got the message loud and clear. And responded exactly the same way:

And this one says it all …

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Sure, it must feel great shaking the dust of the White House off those Jimmy Choos, just like those slaves unshackled by the deaths of overwhelmingly white Union soldiers in a war the country fought to end the scourge of slavery.

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And the blessed liberty of no longer strolling the palatial grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a retinue of retainers that would make Marie Antoinette blush has to be exhilarating.

But it would have been nice if at some point during her eight years as first lady, Michelle Obama could have once, convincingly, expressed pride in the United States that made her husband its president. It would have done a world of good for the race relation problems the Obamas bestowed to the country, and are festering still today.

It’s too late for that now. That ship has sailed.

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