Sharia and Islamic Indoctrination -- Children's Book Called 'Grandpa Has Four Wives' Hit Shelves in Sweden

The normalization of sharia and Islamic misogyny into Swedish society is in full force. Indoctrinating the children is crucial to their agenda.

The Muslim conquest of Europe is expressed in children’s books, indoctrinating children to accept Sharia law.

Grandpa has 4 wives.

That’s the title of a new children’s book that is just hitting the shelves in Sweden. It is bi-lingual, Swedish and Somalian, and targeted for a children’s audience between 3-6 years. The writer is Oscar Trimbel. He is also the author of another new children’s book entitled, (in Swedish) Grandma is no ghost (referring to her burka). The stories concern a Somali-Swedish children meeting their Somali grandparents for the first time and the cultural differences they see There is quite a stir over the release of these books. The latter book is being criticized because many feel it is promoting polygamy among Swedish children who read the book.

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By chance I was speaking over the phone with an acquaintance in Sweden today who picked up a copy of the book at the Gothenberg book fair (second largest in the world). He said he actually met and spoke with the author, Trimbel, who told him the book was meant as a way to help Somali kids integrate into Sweden. The article from Fria Tider was translated by me.

Judith Bergman wrote:

Both books are aimed at 3-6 year-olds. The first book is about “Asli, who has never been to Somalia, but now she is going there with her father to meet her four grandmothers”. Swedish children, evidently, are supposed to learn that the Islamic practice of polygamy — illegal in Sweden — is completely normal.

Swedish libraries are evidently not concerned that books normalizing the misogynist practices of Islamic polygamy and covering women from top to toe, aimed at Swedish toddlers and children, might also be considered “offensive”, not to mention criminal.

How curious, then, that the Swedish government laments Nazi marches in the streets of Gothenburg, yet is happy to spend large sums of Swedish tax payer money on those who agree with the Nazis on the streets of the Middle East.

According to, the book provides an example of the “normalization of Sharia law” in Sweden, coinciding with the arrival of millions of Muslim immigrants.

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According to the brief on the book’s jacket, it tells of a girl named Asali, who was never in Somalia but is preparing to go there with her father, “to meet her grandfather and all her grandmothers.”

The book is authored by one Oscar Trimble. The same writer also wrote Mormor är inget spöke – “Grandma isn’t a ghost (spook)”, intended to normalize the Muslim burka. “Omar greets his grandmother, who came from Somalia,” explains the book’s brief. “When Halloween comes, Omar wants to dress up as a ghost, like any other child, and he wants his grandmother to accompany him, because it can be scary.”

Unlike other European countries which prohibit polygamy, Sweden recognizes polygamous marriages from other countries and allows up to four women to be registered as partners.

About 30% of Sweden’s current population has a foreign background, and ethnic Swedes are expected to become a minority in their own country within 25 years at most. This is in a country that until a few decades ago was considered one of the most homogeneous populations in the West.

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In Finland, a book entitled How to marry a Finnish girl was published. Some have noted that the book’s illustration appears to represent a dark-skinned man touching a fair-skinned woman in a bridal gown.

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