Did the Oakland Raiders Throw Games to Punish Their White QB -- Derek Carr for Standing For Anthem?

Dereck Carr, the QB for the Oakland Raiders, Is said To Have Been Punished By Black Teammates For Standing For Anthem — Makes Stunning Admission Of What Else They Did To Him

Last week, it was revealed that the Oakland Raiders offensive line, who are all African-American, may have intentionally allowed their star quarterback, Derek Carr, their white teammate, to get sacked multiple times because he would not to take a knee during the national anthem prior to the Oakland Raiders playing the Washington Redskins.

Judging how the Oakland Raiders played, Derek Carr was sacked four times by the Washington Redskins back-to-back, and last season, with the same offensive line, he was not sacked even once. In addition, the Oakland Raiders center, which is one of the best in the NFL, three times snapped the ball at the wrong time before the quarterback was ready. For a professional center in the NFL this is unheard of.

The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show, a sports radio broadcast, was the first to break this story, and during a recent broadcast, they made a very compelling argument. The sports casters claim to have insider information that the Oakland Raiders offensive line did, in fact, throw the game but they have not named their source.

Further adding fuel to the fire surrounding the play of the Oakland Raiders offensive line against the Washington Redskins, a local team reporter attempted to investigate the matter and was met with a severe threat from an Oakland Raiders representative who supposedly said, “If you report on this, you will be blackballed; you will not get access to the Raiders period. Your career covering the team will be over.” The Oakland Raiders have not commented on this story, and they likely will avoid doing so at all costs. It was even reported that an unidentified Oakland Raiders player said of Derek Carr, “If he wants to stand alone for the national anthem, he can stand alone on the field.”

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It may be hard for fans to comprehend that a pro-NFL team would actually throw a game but by examining the play of the Oakland Raiders offensive line recently against the Denver Broncos, the claim they are punishing Derek Carr for standing for the national anthem is gaining credibility.

At one point in the Raiders v. Broncos game this week, the game stopped after Derek Carr received a devastating hit and took a knee to the back from Denver Broncos defensive end Adam Gotsis. According to The Ringer, “Carr stayed down on the field before heading to the blue medical tent on the sideline and eventually the locker room.” The Oakland Raiders have not made an official comment yet on Derek Carr’s status and any new developments with his injury.

Speaking on last week’s performance of the Oakland Raiders offensive line, the Armstrong and Getty Radio Show said in their broadcast, “If this story is true, you’ve got an animosity between a white quarterback and a black offensive line that you can’t fix very easily,” they said. “Now this is getting into paranoia … and the fan base and the whole country.” From the looks of things, this was not a one time event, and the National Football League needs to investigate these allegations immediately.

As the NFL continues to deal with the financial consequences of their players disrespecting the national anthem and the fans, allegations of a team throwing a game is certainly not going to help things improve. Add into the mix that not more than 24 hours after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, Kansas City Chiefs players Marcus Peters and Ukeme Eligwe sat on the bench during the national anthem causing further damage to the NFL and its 97-year history.

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These self-entitled NFL crybabies are on a collision course with the real world, and are going to see how much power the fans really have. Ratings continue to drop, local bars and restaurants are refusing to show games, and DIRECTTV has even provided a lot of refunds to fans who had subscribed to Sunday NFL Ticket.

The real test to see where the NFL is will be on Veteran’s Day, November 12, 2017, as fans all across social media are planning a mass boycott of the NFL to really send a message to commissioner Roger Goodell and the rest of the league.

According to Armstrong and Getty, an “extremely reliable” source on the team divulged to them that the offensive linemen allowed Carr to be sacked (tackled before he could throw the ball) in retaliation for his refusal to join them in protesting during the playing of the national anthem before the game.

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Carr was sacked four times during the game, which Armstrong and Getty claim is outside the norm. Getty first claimed that Carr (who is white) was sacked once during the 2016 season before amending his argument:

So Derek Carr — who was never sacked last year — was sacked four times by the Redskins, back to back on the second offensive series of the Raiders. The first series he threw almost immediately an interception, so that series was over before it began. So for the first full series he was sacked twice, [on] back-to-back plays. Also, three times, the extremely dependable, never-does-this center (the guy who snaps the ball to the quarterback) snapped it before Carr was ready — three times. He “hiked” it, as the kids say, into Carr’s knees before he was supposed to.

In reality, Carr was sacked 16 times during the previous season — one of which resulted in a season-ending broken fibula. In 2015 he was sacked 31 times, and in 2014 it happened 24 times.

Armstrong added:

I think you’re guessing where this is going. We have some insider information that this was not an accident.

The hosts stated several times that they did not know if the allegations of “Deep Route” (as they called their alleged source) were true. According to them, however, the source claimed to have heard an offensive line member say of Carr, “If he wants to stand alone for the national anthem, he can stand alone on the field.”

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Armstrong said:

If this story is true, you’ve got an animosity between a white quarterback and a black offensive line that you can’t fix very easily. And the league is just gonna break down completely along racial lines.

Getty added:

A reporter got wind of this — one reporter, and asked a team official about this and was told, “If you report on this you will be blackballed. You will get no access to the Oakland Raiders, period. Your career reporting on the Raiders will be done if you report on this.

However, the two hosts mentioned several times that the allegation had not been verified.

Willard Ogan, the assignment manager for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area — one of several local news outlets that regularly covers the team — scoffed at the pair’s story. He told us:

Unless they would happen to want to name their source, I’m guessing they made this shit up on their way in. I’m at a loss for words. You’ve got to give me something more than this.

He added that there was a logical flaw in the argument that Carr’s offensive line willfully let him be sacked :

They’re trying to get to the Super Bowl. Why would they do this? He’s the franchise quarterback.

Regarding the allegation that a team official had threatened to cut off access to the team for an unnamed reporter, Ogan said that the Raiders have never threatened to “blackball” his station:

Even when the Raiders were [playing] bad[ly], they never threatened to blackball any reporters. They may make it hard like any sports team when you’re writing stuff they don’t like to make it hard to get interviews. Put it like this: they’re no different than the Yankees would be on stuff like this.

Most of the team, including the offensive line (but not Carr), took part in a protest before the game, an offshoot of former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the anthem prior to games during the 2016 season to protest extrajudicial killings carried out by police against communities of color. U.S. Army veteran Nate Boyer has confirmed that he helped Kaepernick decide to carry out his protest in that format, rather than sitting during the anthem.

Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn said that their demonstration was a direct response to President Donald Trump’s call in September 2017 for NFL owners to fire any player who took part. Penn said:

I wish I didn’t have to do anything like that. I’ve been standing all the time, but when you get called out personally by the President of the country you gotta do something. I ain’t wanna do that. I don’t think my teammates wanna do that.

He also said:

This had nothing to do with disrespecting the military or the flag. I have the utmost respect for them. Because you will not see me over there shooting no guns. So I have so much respect for them and what they do. It had nothing to do with that. I hope they understand that. This all had to do with President Trump’s comments. That’s the only reason we did that.

Penn’s linemate Marshall Newhouse, however, attributed the protest to a wider range of issues:

The injustice in the country just doesn’t sit well with us, regardless of what the President said before. This is kind of an ongoing problem and we’re making a statement about that. It might seem that way that it was kind of a reaction to the President, but this stuff’s been going on for a long time.

Tackle Kelechi Osemele also faced accusations on his Instagram page that he and his linemates allowed Carr to be sacked. He responded:

If you guys really believe that…I don’t even know what to tell you. Carr is our brother he fully supported our decision to make this statement we discussed this as a TEAM and we all have each other’s back

When asked whether the protest had an impact on the Raiders’ performance, Carr said:

I really hope not, but you never know. You don’t know what’s going on in everybody’s head and all those things. But for me, it did not.

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