Chelsea Handler Vs. Gun Owners: Your ‘Hobby’ is Getting People Killed

Chelsea Handler is at it again, this time she desperately tried to make “gun violence” worse than the terror attack of 9/11 and dozens of Twitter users called her on her foolishness.

In the wake of the crime in Las Vegas last weekend, Handler, like many of her Hollyweird pals, took to Twitter to try and make political hay out of the mass murder.

Many immediately wondered why Handler hasn’t been slamming Democrat-controlled Chicago for the literally THOUSANDS of young black men murdered over the last decade during the incessant gang warfare there.

Another wondered when Handler would get her panties in a knot over auto deaths

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It is a good question. In 2015, for instance, 35,092 people died in car accidents. It was 32,675 in 2014. In 2007 a whopping 41,259 died. In fact, since 2001 — the same year of the terror attacks in New York, Washington and Penn. — about 600,000 people have died in car accidents.

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That is about 191 times more than the number of deaths on 9/11.

Where is Chelsea Handler’s worried Tweets about car deaths?

Another Twitter user wondered where Handler’s Tweets about medical accidents is…

That last one is pretty good.

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All good questions, aren’t they?

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