Images of a student who stole a peer's MAGA hat at the University of California, Riverside.
Images of a student who stole a peer's MAGA hat at the University of California, Riverside.

A woman stole a student’s MAGA hat at the University of California, Riverside and then went and told on him — for wearing a MAGA hat.

The woman then ran to the school officials with the man’s hat and demanded that HE be punished.

She literally tattled on him. Over a hat. A HAT!

This is the craziness and violence they are teaching kids on university campuses these days. It should be no surprise that a lot of Antifa members were recently outed as teachers and professors. (See: AntiFa Members List Leaks By Anonymous — LARGE Number Of School Teachers)

It should be noted we can’t tell from current information available if the woman is a DACA recipient or not.

Here is the Transcript from Campus Reform:

“So this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference wearing this f***ing hat,” the student who stole the hat states. “Look at the kind of sh*t he’s wearing, You know what this represents? This represents genocide—genocide of a bunch of people.”

Vitale then tries to explain that “you do not get to take other people’s property that is legally theirs in this country,” to which the unidentified thief replies, “man, f*** your laws.”

“Do you have any f***ing conscience?” she goes on to ask, questioning why Vitale would dare to wear a MAGA hat on campus and telling him that his “f***ing freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.”

“I swear to God I could burn this sh*t. I swear to God I could burn this sh*t,” she continues as several staffers look on.

“Are you people not going to do anything? She is stealing my property,” Vitale pleads, though the altercation went on for several more minutes.

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“We will need to return his property to him, but we can talk about…” one university employee begins to explain before being abruptly cut off by the student thief.

“How about we talk about not letting him wear this sh*t on campus?” the thief retorts, while Vitale later tells a growing presence of administrators that “the fact that you people haven’t gotten this back for me is sad and wrong.”

“That’s full of sh*t, because you all are just going to, like, mediate this and make it so like we’re all ok here, freedom of speech, whatever. How about we think about what’s actually going on in this country?” the thief subsequently responds to requests from administrators to “calm down.”

The altercation continued for several minutes until the hat was relinquished to an administrator who then returned it to Vitale, though not before his fellow student got in the last word.

“F*** your f***ing freedom of speech, boy. F***it. F*** it because your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there. That’s what it is, because you’re out there wearing hats like these that promote laws and legislations that literally kill and murder in the masses people of color,” she stated, before the two eventually walked off with separate mediators.

Here is the video via Campus Reform:

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