DirecTV Issuing Customers Refund on NFL Sunday Ticket

As tensions rise among football fans over some NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, customers are reporting on social media that DirecTV is allowing customers to get a refund on the NFL Sunday Ticket package.

DirecTV is allowing some customers to cancel their subscriptions of its NFL Sunday Ticket package and get refunds, citing players’ protests during national anthem, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Refunds typically aren’t given to customers once the season has started. But according to The Wall Street Journal, “representatives said they are making exceptions this season—which began in September—because of the controversy over the protests, in which players kneel or link arms during the national anthem.”

The ESPN network — hardly a bastion of conservatism — confirmed on Tuesday evening that DirecTV is altering its own policy which normally prevents package cancellations after a sports season has started, and will return the full amount of money for any viewer who wants to cancel their NFL bundle. (Related: ‘Sports Illustrated’ New Cover Celebrating ‘Sports United’ Against Trump)

Those viewership packages allow die-hard sports fans to watch games that are outside their local viewing area, and run about $280 per season.

DirecTV’s surprising move came after President Trump spoke out about professional players who kneel or make other disrespectful gestures during the national anthem.

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Sounds like DirecTV wants to take the neutral stance and let people just be happy. Can’t argue with this one when you look at the current political climate.

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