TV’s First Transgender Full-Frontal Nude Scene Coming To Screens Near You 1

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, transgender individuals are going to be getting naked on TV.

The popular Amazon original series ‘Transparent’ will feature a transgender nude scene. And the LGBT community couldn’t be more excited. Transgender actress Alexandra Billings, alongside co-star Trace Lysette, talks about why she decided she wanted to bare all in the ‘milestone’ scene from the Amazon series with the Dailybeast recently.

Alexandra Billings, an actor/actress (I don’t even know anymore), walked into the writer’s room to pitch. She said she wanted to be naked. (Related: Children of LGBT Parents Have Grown Up, Now They’re Spilling the Sick Reality of it all)

“And I asked for this specifically,” Billings says, talking with The Daily Beast alongside Lysette ahead of the show’s fourth season premiere. “It was Alexandra’s idea,” Transparent creator Jill Soloway corroborates. “She was like, ‘I’m ready to show my body.’”

Alexandra Billings tells THR why she pitched going full-frontal on the fourth season of the Amazon series, marking a trans-inclusive milestone on TV.
Alexandra Billings said why she pitched going full-frontal on the fourth season of the Amazon series, marking a trans-inclusive milestone on TV.

That she does. In the second episode of the season, “Groin Anomaly,” Davina is lying naked, face-down on her bed, getting massaged by her boyfriend. When he tweaks her back, she rolls over, exposing her breasts and, for the first time for a transgender actress on television, her penis. (Related: FURIOUS parents confront school district after ‘transgender reveal’ leaves students confused about who they…)

Her — Penis. I mean…….

“I don’t think it’s ever been done before, where you see someone who’s a trans body that was pre-op, especially of a certain age, who looks a certain way,” Billings says. “I wanted to show everything, but I said I don’t want to be objectified. I don’t want to be sexualized. And I don’t want to be fetishized. I thought Jill’s way of showing it was brilliant.”

Dailybeast wrote:

The milestone for Billings is about far more than nudity. It’s another step in a career spent working to normalize and expand opportunity for transgender actors.

Hollywood reporter wrote:

Playing a larger-than-life drag queen this season, however, provided Lysette with the opportunity to channel her own past as well. “I was a showgirl as a teenager in the bars of Dayton and Columbus, Ohio,” she recalls as the part of her story that was written into the show. “That was my introduction to womanhood, to trans-ness, to entertainment. Drag in the Midwest is huge for finding yourself in the queer community. These nightclubs are safe spaces, and I was so happy that they showed that little slice of our subculture.”

Refinery 29 wrote:

That’s why the nude scene — and the flashbacks that follow — is so important. It’s a way to give voice to a trans woman who is ready to show herself and her body to the world. And maybe one day, if Billings has her way, it won’t even be worth writing about.

Many opponents of the Left’s aggressive trans-agenda saw this coming, I mean they said it them selves. Normalizing. (Related: Video: Transgender Summer Camp, Rainbow Day Camp, Welcomes Kids As Young As Four)

Transgenderism is being loudly promoted in seemingly every area of society, including the education system.

It has been obvious for a while that those in the transgender movement want their cause to be the next big diversity issue thrust upon society. You don’t agree with them? You’re obviously a bigot. You teach your children something different at home? You’re clearly intolerant of others. How transphobic of you. (Related: Young Australian boy transitioned to female — changes his mind two years later)

This is sure to be the tip of the iceberg as normalizing transgenderism continues to be the goal for those “tolerant” people among us.



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